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19: A Rising Tide

Meridian Bay, Mars
Level 17
Objective:Find and destroy the source of the Vex surging to protect the Black Garden.[/strong]
Fireteam: 1-3 players
Rewards: 4000 XP

The Barrens

Ride your vehicle and travel to the Scablands.

The Scablands

Continue past the Cabal Base there and you'll spot the Vex Conflux in the far side of the area. As you get near, Vex units will warp in to protect it. Destroy them all then deploy Ghost on the conflux. After Ghost finishes analyzing it, your objective will be updated. Hop on to your vehicle and ride to the next area.

The Drift

Follow the dirt road until you enter a ruined building which will take you to The Buried City.

The Buried City

You have to enter the Freehold Station but don't be hasty in storming the place. There are some powerful Vex units inside and around the station like Harpy Zealots, Goblin Disciples, Axis Harpy, and an Axis Minotaur. It will better if you take them out first; otherwise, you can just get past them, if your armor can withstand their attacks.

Freehold Station

Once you enter the station, you'll be in a large, pitch-black hall of the station. Continue inside and more Vex units will warp in. Destroy them all and find your way out of the hall to reach the exit.

More enemies are waiting outside. There's also a Cyclops blocking the way. You have to destroy it in order to proceed. It's weak point is its “eye”. Use the room's pillars and walls as cover to protect yourself from its powerful energy projectiles. It will continuously summon lesser Vex troops to deter you. Just concentrate on the Cyclops and take out the Vex minions only if they present immediate threat. Once the cyclops is destroyed, kill all remaining Vex then proceed to the next area.

Tharsis Junction (Darkness Zone)

Upon reaching the area, you'll encounter more Vex units. Kill all enemies in the area and proceed. Ghost will inform you about the Vex Transfer Gates in the area. You have to take these out quickly since they'll continue spewing out Vex units until destroyed.

Once the first area is cleared, continue forth to the tunnel and you'll encounter more Transfer Gates. Be careful of the Hobgoblins on top of the train cars. They'll continue taking potshots at you at a distance. At the end of the tunnel, you'll find more Transfer Gates. Expect heavy resistance since there are also a lot of Vex already deployed here. There's also an elite Minotaur here called Prohibitive Mind. Be careful when dealing with it; it's best to eliminate the goblins around it or use splash-damage attacks like explosives.

After clearing all enemies and destroying all Transfer Gates, investigate the conflux to complete the mission.

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