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01: The Devil's Lair

Old Russia, Earth
Objective: The Fallen House of Devils in the Cosmodrome sustain their strength through a single, exalted Servitor known as Sepiks Prime. Find where this keeper of souls lies and destroy him.
Level 8
Fireteam: 1-3 players
Rewards: 2000 EXP, Armor Upgrade


This is a long, hard mission so it will be better to tackle this once you're at a higher level and you have more powerful weapons. For the first part of the mission, your team must fight through the numerous Fallen forces to reach the Refinery. Take note that there might be a public event that will trigger here so it's up to you if you want to tackle it or not. You don't need to scour the entire area and hunt down the enemies; you just need to find the entrance and take out any enemies you encounter. Find the Refinery's entrance and head inside. Clear the enemies inside before proceeding deeper.

Refinery (Darkness Zone)

Clear the next corridor of enemies and head to the next area. There will be a huge firefight between Hive and Fallen troops here. Take them all out to update your objective.

Before you can proceed, you have to deploy your Ghost to the Mesh Generator to remove the Mesh Layers blocking the door. You have to defend your position for three waves of enemy reinforcements – each wave more difficult than the previous because of the enemies' increased numbers and aggressiveness. With a full, capable team, you shouldn't have any major problems dealing with the enemy waves. Defeat them all until the obstacle will be successfully removed. Continue forth and you'll find more enemies waiting in the next room. Take them out and head to the next area.

The Blast

Here you have to deal with the Devil Walker, as well as the ordinary Fallen foot soldiers. Spraying bullets and projectiles to this mini-boss won't be that effective. You have to keep shooting its leg armor (where the damage indicators are colored yellow). After destroying a leg armor, the Walker will temporarily shut down, exposing its vulnerable core. Shooting the core will allow you to dish even more damage. Do not carelessly go too close to the Walker as it will scatter high explosives around it when you get near.

You also mustn't concentrate on the Walker alone. The minions around it may cause problems if not dealt with immediately. Kill any minion that pose an immediate threat, especially the Captains, before focusing your firepower on the Walker. Make sure that you don't face it head on either. It has very powerful weapons at its disposal, including a mounted machine gun capable of rapid-fire energy projectiles and it's main turrent that can fire devastating, explosive shells. After defeating the Walker, kill the remaining enemies along the path and continue inside the newly opened gate.

Devil's Lair - Devil Walker

The Devil's Lair

Make your way to the exit to find Sepiks Prime. It's weak spot is its “eye” in the middle. It teleports around the battlefield and can deal solid damage with its energy projectiles. You also need to watch out for Fallen troops that will reinforce it. There's also a Golden Chest located in this area only so make sure to pick it up as early as you can. You can only get the chest during this part of the Strike Mission since the door leading to its location will only open during this mission and it can't be done via normal patrol. During the boss fight, go downstairs to the right and you should find the golden chest immediately.

Golden Chest
From the starting point, take the stairs to the right and you should find it in the corner ahead, near the light bulb.

Enemy reinforcements will arrive from time to time so it will be helpful to work alternately between attacking the boss and getting rid of the minions. The safest place to engage the boss is under the platform itself or behind the cargo boxes to protect yourself from the boss' attacks. Keep attacking its weak point to draw the aggro away from your allies. If you're low on health, quickly go below the platform to safely regenerate your shields. Just repeat the process until your team defeats this boss.

Devil's Lair - Sepiks Prime

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