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Earth (GC)

1. Between the Steppes and Dock 13

You can get this gold chest on your way to Dock 13 during the story mission “Restoration”. Before reaching Dock 13, you'll walk along this short, dark, passageway. The gold chest is located to your left, on a table near the window. This is almost impossible to miss.

2. Lunar Complex

You can get this gold chest easily once you have double-jump, lift, or glide. In the area where you fought the Wizard for the first time (during the story mission “The Darkness Within”), jump on the upper level of the room with yellow lights. The gold chest is located in the corner, under the light.

3. Forgotten Shore

This is found inside a cave, in the side of the rocky cliff along the path between The Mothyards and the Forgotten Shore.

4. Forgotten Shore

There's an uphill path across the shipwreck you're supposed to check out. Follow that path and you'll see and overlook with a red flag. Carefully descend to the ravine below and follow the coast to find the chest in the end.
Forgotten Shore, Gold Chest Location

5. The Blast (Strike Mission: Devil's Lair Only)

You can only get the chest in the last part of the Strike Mission since the door leading to its location will only open during this mission and it can't be done via normal patrol exploration. During the boss fight, go downstairs to the right and you should find the golden chest immediately. From the starting point, take the stairs to the right and you should find it in the corner ahead, near the light bulb.

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