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Stats and Attributes

These are the attributes in the game. Intellect, Discipline, Strength, and Light are affected by the type of armor equipped. Being part of one of the three optional factions (FWC, Dead Orbit, and New Monarchy) can also provide specific attribute bonuses.

The game's level cap is 20. You can increase your level in several ways: completing story missions, strikes, bounties, even completing PvP matches in the Crucible. After reaching the level cap, what will matter next will be the quality of your gear.

This attribute is affected by certain perks selected in the character's subclass menu. Higher armor has an effect to the character's overall defense and resiliency.

This attribute affects how fast your health and shield regenerates. Certain Subclass perks have direct impact to this attribute.

This stat affects how fast you can move and how high you can jump. This is directly affected by selecting specific Subclass perks.

This is the combined numerical value of the equipped armor pieces. The higher the value, the more damage your character can resist. This affects how much of your shields are chipped off for every hit you take.

Reduces the cooldown time of the player's Super Ability, allowing it to be used more often.

Decreases the grenade's cooldown time, allowing it to be used more often.

Reduces the cooldown time of a player's Melee Ability. (This is particular to some sub-classes)

Allows players to increase their level above the level cap. This feature is available once you've reached the level cap. The level increase you'll get from Light is the combined value of all equipment with this attribute so you have to find better gear with more Light in order to further increase your level.

Faction Bonuses
  • Dead Orbit: Discipline/Strength
  • Future War Cult: Intellect/Discipline
  • New Monarchy: Intellect/Strength

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