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04: The Warmind

Old Russia, Earth
Objective: Break the House of Devil's grasp on the Cosmodrome and secure a vital link to the Golden Age.
Level 4
Fireteam: 1-3 players
Rewards: 1800 XP

The Steppes

You'll start this mission in the location as the last mission. Make your way to the Mothyards to set up a vehicle grid.

The Mothyards

Follow the marker and it will lead you to a garage where the device that you need to activate is located. Deploy your Ghost to the link and you'll be able to summon your Sparrow afterward. There's another Dead Ghost location in this immediate area and you need the Sparrow's boost ability to reach it.

Dead Ghost
From the Sparrow Link shed, go straight ahead and over the wings of the fallen cargo plane. After that, you should immediately see another cargo plane ahead and it's broken wing that leads to a cave. Use the wing as a ramp to reach the cave. Clear it out of enemies and you'll find the ghost inside.

Dead Ghost Location (The Mothyards, Cosmodrome)

After awakening the ghost, follow the narrow path, past the waterfall and across the stream. Before the next corner, you should see another cave entrance. Go in there to find another Golden Chest.

Gold Chest and Dead Ghost
On the way to the Forgotten Shore from the Mothyards, you'll find a cave entrance after crossing the stream. In the same cave where you'll find the Golden Chest, lies a Dead Ghost as well. Look for a hole on the wall and peek inside it to find the Dead Ghost.

Dead Ghost location - Forgotten Shore

The Forgotten Shore

Upon reaching the Shore, your Ghost will place the markers ahead leading to the amplifiers' location. Before heading there, there's another Gold Chest in this area that you can get.

Gold Chest #2
There's an uphill path across the shipwreck you're supposed to check out. Follow that path and you'll see and overlook with a red flag. Carefully descend to the ravine below and follow the coast to find the chest in the end.

Forgotten Shore, Gold Chest Location

Head to the shipwreck and take out the enemies. Deploy your Ghost on the first amplifier. Once done, you have to go to the ruins on another hill by the shore. Before heading there, there's another dead ghost that you can find.

Dead Ghost
Between the shipwreck with the first amplifier and the ruins with the second amplifier lies a small boat, facing the cliff. Peek through the hatch and you should see the faint blue glow of the Dead Ghost there.

There's also a high level Reaver near the cave entrance ahead. This guy may drop good equipment and good amount of Glimmer upon defeat so you can attempt to kill it. The cave behind him can also spawn a loot chest so it's worth checking it out.

Fight your way to the industrial ruins and clear it out. Examine the amplifier with your ghost to complete the current objective. Next, you'll need to check out the Skywatch. Leave the place, summon your vehicle and follow the marker leading to the uphill highway past the shore.

Terrestial Complex (Darkness Zone)

You'll find yourself in another Darkness Zone so be very careful, especially if you're tackling this mission solo with just ample equipment. Once inside, take out the first wave of enemies. The gate ahead will open up shortly, revealing more enemy reinforcements. There's a Dead Ghost near the entrance as well.

Dead Ghost
Once clear, don't proceed yet. Check the lockers near the pillars to find another Dead Ghost in one of the open lockers there.

Continue upstairs and prepare for an assault of cloaked (invisible) Fallen that will rush towards you. Don't let them swarm on you; fall back while firing a hail of bullets then melee them when they come too close for comfort. Head to the room and defeat the captain, as well as any remaining enemies. When cleared, deploy your Ghost to the machine. Now you have to defend your Ghost while it extracts information from the Warmind.

The first wave of enemies are just pushovers. The next waves however, will get more and more difficult. Just keep moving and take cover when you need to recover your shields. The last wave will include floating purple balls of energy called Servitors. These enemies seem to shield any nearby allied units and their only weakness is their eye-like spot in the middle. Just use an automatic weapon to quickly dispose of them. After successfully defending the Warmind, destroy it to complete the mission.

The Warmind

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