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16: Eye of a Gate Lord

Ishtar Sink, Venus
Level 13
Objective:Lure out the Vex Gate Lord that protects the Endless Steps and bring its head back to the Awoken[/strong]
Fireteam: 1-3 players
Rewards: 3000 XP, Ship Upgrade


Ride your sparrow and follow the marker leading to the next area.

Ember Caves

You don't have anything to do here at the moment so just follow the trail past the immediate area to reach a new area.

The Citadel

This area has a lot of Vex activity, including deadly Axis Minotaurs guarding the platform in the middle of the ruins. You don't need to kill them as part of the objectives in the current mission so fighting them is entirely optional. The vex positions in the area is also regularly replenished shortly after you wipe them out so keep your edge while exploring this area.

Your objective is to find the conflux in this ruins. It is guarded by several minotaurs. Kill them all and deploy your ghost to investigate the conflux. Next, ride your vehicle and follow the path leading to the next area.

Waking Ruins

Kill any enemies that may get in your way then head inside the ruins. Keep moving along the path until you reach Campus 9.

Campus 9 (Darkness Zone)

The area is now a darkness zone. To increase your chances of survival, it will be a good idea to kill all enemies you'll encounter along the way. Clear the research site's immediate area, then go further to the ruins past the site. There are several gates in the area which will activate once you're near. Enemy reinforcements will keep pouring in until you shut down the gates. Just shoot them to close the gates. Keep doing this as you slowly make your progress in the ruins.

You have to be careful of the annoying hobgoblins that will snipe you at the top of the ruins. If possible take them out first using your own sniper rifle or just move from cover to cover to avoid getting sniped. Keep fighting off the additional vex units that the gates spews out.

Take out the last few remaining active gates and eliminate the vex Hydra guarding the stairs. Shoot it only when its shield isn't up. Keep your distance after destroying it since its after-death explosion can also fatally wound any Guardian near the blast radius. Keep moving forth until you reach the next area.

Endless Steps

There are more enemies waiting here. Eliminate the enemies as you make your way up the massive stone “steps”. Once all enemies are cleared, you have to summon the gate lord by standing inside the summoning circle.

Zydron, the Gate Lord will appear shortly, along with his wave of minions. Hobgoblins will snipe you at a distance, while the Goblins will try to overwhelm you with numbers while serving as cannon fodder in order to protect their master. The Gate Lord's weapon has a devastating splash damage so use the boulders in the area to move around and take out the minions so you can concentrate your attacks on the boss. Use your character's boosted jumps to remain mobile and to move to the safety of cover, or well outside the enemies' attack range.

The Gate Lord will keep calling in reinforcements so deal with them efficiently, and fast so you can proceed with attacking the boss. Keep repeating this until you overpower the boss and defeat it.

Defeating the Gate Lord

Completing this mission will unlock the last location, Mars.

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