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A Dubious Task

Weapon Reward: Invective


  • Speak with Ikora Rey to get A request from Ikora Rey Part I.

  • Complete a total of 5 Strikes without dying to obtain A request from Ikora Rey - Completed.

  • Return to Ikora Rey again to obtain A request from Ikora Rey Part II.

  • Fight in the Crucible to earn 25 points and get A request from Ikora Rey II - Completed.
    * Kill = +1 point
    * Assist = +1 point
    * Death = -1 point
    * This can be done across different Crucible matches.

  • Return to Ikora Rey to obtain A request from Ikora Rey Part III.

  • Complete a weekly challenge mission to obtain A Clot of Darkness.

  • Deliver the item to Ikora Rey to get an Invective [Uncharged].

  • Spend around 12,500 glimmers to get 50 Special Weapon Ammo packs (this cost may be lower if you have collected these ammo packs via chest loot) and use the ammo packs to purchase an Invective Component from the Gunsmith to get Invective [Charged].

  • Finally, deliver the part to Ikora Rey to obtain Invective.

    Source: DestinyPedia

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