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03: The Dark Within

Old Russia, Earth
Objective: Investigate reports of a hidden power trapped in the Cosmodrome Array stations
Level 3
Fireteam: 1-3 players
Rewards: 1800 XP

The Steppes

You can go and explore the area for randomized materials and loot chests. When you're ready, head north; use the Ghost's marker as necessary. You can summon your vehicle or just head there by foot.

The Mothyards

Once you reach the Mothyards, you'll find a large collection of rotting cargo planes. There might be some loot cache inside, as well as Fallen lurking within. Just fight your way or slip past them to reach the Skywatch. Once there, defeat the Fallen Captain and his Vandals then continue inside. Take note that the Fallen Captain and his minions will respawn shortly after you leave the area. Continue forth until you reach the next area.

Lunar Complex (Darkness Zone)

Head deeper inside and keep an eye to your tracker. Examine the door and deploy your Ghost. Once it opens the gate, continue upstairs to reach a pitch black room. Be prepared since you'll encounter new enemies here called Thralls. These are fast and hardened beasts that will rush towards you and claw you to death. You can take them out instantly by well-placed headshots using guns or melee attacks. There are also some Acolytes lurking here but they can be easily spotted because of the green lights on their heads.

Dead Ghost
After clearing the room, don't leave yet. There's a Dead Ghost you can awaken nearby. It's on the top of a machine by the wall, near the stairs to the upper level.
Dead Ghost location - Lunar Complex

Continue upstairs to find more enemies. There will be more Thralls and Acolytes here so just pick them off one by one. You can lob a grenade while they're grouped together to take out several of them in one blast.

After clearing the first part of the room, you'll encounter the Wizard, heavily defended by its escorts in the next room. Take out his minions then concentrate your fire at him whenever you get the chance. Just keep hitting them and using your grenades whenever you can to blast his shield off. Fortunately, only the Wizard's shield regenerates; his health doesn't. Once he's alone, be more aggressive and close the distance. Circle around the machineries for cover and melee him when you have the chance.

Golden Chest
There's a golden loot chest in this area. However, it may be challenging to get it while you're fighting the boss since he will follow and attack you regularly. It will also be easier to reach the location once you have your class skill that can improve the height of your jump. (For Hunters, this is double jump) You can just complete the mission and come back to this area on a regular patrol mode. (Selectable from the Destination screen) Getting to the Golden Chest will be a lot easier once you have your character's special jumping skill. Hunters have the Double Jump, Titans have Lift, and Warlocks have Glide. In the same room where you fought the Wizard, jump on top of one of two machines there and jump to the next platform. The chest is found in the corner, illuminated by a yellow light.

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