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Overhead map layout courtesy of Segmentnext

Asylum takes place in an abandoned city complex in Venus. This is one of the smaller maps as well, where the possible, most common areas of engagement will be in the middle courtyard and the main, two-floor building. The courtyard is small but long; even if its viable for a sniper to spot targets from one end to the other, expect players to engage in mid-range combat.

The building has multiple entrances; there's a side entrance in the lower floor and the main entrance facing the stairs. Players need to avoid using the stairs if they can help it; this is a very vulnerable position, and there's a high chance that there are already enemies waiting upstairs. The main building also has side entrances, and a window where players can sneak in. While it's not entirely possible to sneak stealthily, these alternate entrances allow players to avoid the hot spot (stairs) and might possibly score a kill or two by simply jumping on two players fighting each other.

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