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An Unknown Patron

Weapon Reward: Fate of All Fools

  1. Win 5 Crucible matches to obtain An Invitation.

  2. Talk to the Bounty Tracker and hand over the invitation to obtain The First Test.

  3. Perform feats of skill in the Crucible to obtain The First Test - Completed.

  4. Return to the Bounty Tracker to get The Second Test.

  5. Next, you have to compete in the Trials of Osiris. To enter, you have to trade Motes of Light to Osiris Coins. You have to earn 10 wins on a single coin, or 25 wins total in the trials to obtain The Second Test - Completed. Losing three times will make you fail the trial and you'll have to use another coin to attempt the trial again.

  6. Return to the Bounty Tracker to get The Third Test.

  7. Equip any scout rifle and perform kills, precision shots, and killing sprees in the Crucible to get The Third Test - Completed.

  8. Return to the Bounty Tracker to finally obtain the Fate of All Fools.

Source: DestinyPedia

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quest steps i did the first one but im not sure how to continue next step i read you have to refresh game and then start 2nd quest i am in the cosmodome and i need 2 more plz help ty

Guest | Added 23rd Dec 2015, ID #68
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