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Sniper Rifle

Sniper rifles are powerful, long-range, precision weapons capable of one-shotting targets at long range, especially if it is a headshot. Sniper Rifles in Destiny have small magazine size and the scopes can't be adjusted. However, they don't sway and the reticule remains steady even when moving. This makes the weapon easy to use. Sniper Rifles excel in areas with open space and good vantage points. Sniper Rifles in the game are also automatic. You can continue firing one shot at a time before stopping to reload.

PvE Sniping targets is usually favored when you want to whittle down enemy forces before you go further in an area. Since the sniper rifles in the game are quite stable and very accurate, players can land precision shots and destroy targets using as little ammo as possible.

PvP Sniper rifles are still effective and can be deadly in the hands of an adept player. However, Destiny multiplayer players doesn't seem to like camping and waiting for targets to appear in their scopes. In order to score more and kill more, players need to move around and actively engage enemies at close or medium range. Sniper rifles are still very effective in multiplayer maps with good vantage points and wide, open spaces.

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