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Venus (GC)

1: Shattered Coast

This is located in the underground passage connecting The Shattered Coast and Ishtar Academy, in the middle of the path. Almost impossible to miss.
Gold Chest: Shattered Coast, Venus

2: Winter's Lair

There's a Gold Chest stuck on one of the rocky ledges above. Follow the path uphill until you reach the upper ledges. Right before the next tunnel leading to the mission marker, you can jump on a small ledge near the orange lamp. From there, you can double jump, lift, or glide to reach the chest.
Gold Chest: Wingter's Lair, Venus

3: The Cinders

Once you've reached the Kell's ketch (ship), check then bow-side of the loading/docking platform (this is after the small ramp to your right, as soon as you enter the ship) to find the chest there.
Gold Chest: The Cinders, Venus

4: N/Gen Branch

You can access this by going to Ishtar Academy > Ishtar Commons. From Ishtar Commons, enter the building to the right side of the down Fallen ship in the courtyard. After reaching the area, enter the large room to the right where you'll find several office desks. The Gold Chest is located in one of them.
Gold Chest: N/Gen Branch, Venus

5: Campus 9

Go to the quarters near the edge of the cliff, past the river. Go around the building to find the gold chest.
Gold Chest: Campus 9, Venus

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