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18: The Garden's Spire

Meridian Bay, Mars
Level 16
Objective:Seize control of the Black Garden Spire held behind the wall of the Cabal Warbase and wake the Gate Lord's Eye.[/strong]
Fireteam: 1-3 players
Rewards: 4000 XP

The Barrens

Ride your Sparrow and head to the Scablands.

The Scablands

You have to infiltrate the Warbase there. As daunting as the name implies, it is quite lightly guarded. You can pick off the Cabal stationed there one by one if you want to. Head further inside and you'll find another outpost with several enemies. Fight your way through them. Before you reach the tunnel leading to the next area, more reinforcements will arrive, including a Colossus. Defeat them all and continue through the tunnel until you reach the next area.

Rubicon Wastes

The observation tower is located to your immediate right. Go up the hill and engage the enemies in the area. The tower's ramp is guarded by a colossus. Take out the other enemies in the area so you can concentrate in killing this hulking walking armor. Once done, deploy Ghost to the terminal then leave the tower.

There are some interceptor hovertanks in the base along the way. You can hijack one and use it to break through the heavily defended spots in the area. Continue along the base's hallway to reach the next area.

Iron Line (Darkness Zone)

Head towards the main gate ahead and expect an ambush. Fall back behind cover and engage the enemies. There are three main gates that will open one by one, unleashing small waves of enemies. Eliminate them all then deploy Ghost on the door. Once opened, a small group of Phalanx (including an elite Imperial Phalanx) will welcome you. Deal with them accordingly, then continue forth inside the base.

The Legion's Keep

Find the exit and you'll find the Spire across the bridge. As soon as you set foot, a large squad of enemies will ambush you. Fall back if necessary then then use precision shots to quickly kill the enemies on the bridge. After crossing the bridge, continue eliminating the remaining enemies around the spire. Once you've wiped out the enemies, head to the conduit and deploy Ghost to wake up the Eye.

Dead Ghost:
There's a dead ghost that you can only get during this mission. Head to the Spire's location and enter the short tunnel beneath it. The Dead Ghost is located on the floor.
Dead Ghost (Garden\'s Spire Story Mission)

While the Eye is getting energized, a boss will arrive along with his minions. He's slow and his weapon isn't that damaging but you have to keep mobile while eliminating his minions so you can concentrate your fire on him. Heavy weapons works well against this boss, especially solid rocket hits.

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