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Light: Exceeding LV20

Once you've reached the level cap, you'll unlock the Light level. Find equipment that has Light stats and wear them to further boost your level, up to 30. Only armor pieces have the Light attribute, and higher level rare, legendary, or exotic equipment.

Rare armors can only have a maximum of +15 light a piece so the maximum level you can get without having Legendary or Exotic gear is 24. Legendary armors sold by the Vanguard, Crucible, and faction merchants can have up to 27 Light each. Exotic pieces, like the ones sold by Xur can give up to 30 Light each.

Level Requirements

Required Amount of Light

How to get Equipment with Light

Fortunately, you don't have to rely on legendary gears and engrams dropped by enemies. Several merchants in the game offer a sure way to get those end-game equipment; you just need to work for it. These vendors won't let you buy from their inventory until you increase your reputation to the faction they belong to. Another thing is that you also need Marks to purchase these items. These marks are acquired by completing various activities in the game.

To earn both reputation and marks, you have to complete various activities. For example, doing PvE bounties missions like Story Missions, Patrols, and Strikes will boost your Vanguard reputation and let you earn Vanguard Marks. In the other hand, completing PvP bounties and participating in Crucible matches will let you earn separate Crucible reputation and Crucible Marks. If you joined one of the three other optional factions, the reputation and marks that normally goes to Crucible or Vanguard for completing various activities (Crucible matches, Bounties, Patrol missions, etc) will be counted towards this faction instead.

You can only become a member of a faction one at a time (With the exemption of the default Crucible and Vanguard factions). Take note also that whatever reputation level or rank you earn for each faction will be permanent. You can freely change the faction you want to earn reputation for without consequences. The only disadvantage when doing this is that it is quite tedious. Though it is really possible that you'll max out the rank for all factions, it will take time and pure dedication to achieve.


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