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Machine Gun

Machine Guns are fully-automatic heavy weapons capable of delivery heavy damage per shot. Destiny's version of MGs are quite stable and accurate, capable of sustaining a steady stream of bullets with minimum recoil.

PvE: Like the Rocket Launcher, this weapon is capable of laying waste to enemies quickly and whittle down hardened targets easily. Players use this to deliver sustained fire to heavy, agile targets like Hive Wizards, Fallen Captains, or Cabal.

PvPPlayers start with no heavy weapon ammo in multiplayer games. Heavy ammo only becomes available on predetermined times in a match. This is to limit people from abusing its destructive power. Most of the time, players prefer the Machine Gun over the Rocket Launcher in PvP matches. This is simply because the MG can potentially kill more enemies per ammo clip. While the usual number of rockets you'll get per heavy ammo box is two rockets, MGs can get up to 54. With controlled, accurate bursts, players can take out enemies with around 7-12 rounds. Whereas the only time the rocket launcher can take out multiple players is when they're clustered together.

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