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Hunter - Gunslinger

A Gunslinger activating her super ability, "Golden Gun"

Image Source: Destiny Wikia

Gunslinger subclass is a DPS sub-class and focuses on dealing heavy damage on a single target. The gunslinger's highest stat is Agility which boosts movement speed and maximum jump height. The gunslinger's skill tree also focuses on the player's abilities thus, there are no modifiers that provided specific weapon boosts.


Each class have the ability to use three different grenades but only one can be carried at a time. Grenades have a cooldown of 55 seconds. The stat attribute Discipline reduces the cooldown timer of grenades, allowing you to use this ability more often.

ncendiary Grenade
Deals solar (fire) damage to enemies caught in the blast, and causing them to burn, dealing extra damage.
Swarm Grenade
A grenade that detonates on impact and releases multiple homing drones that will see on nearby targets.
Tripmine Grenade
An explosive that can stick to any surface and will detonate when enemies "trip over" the laser line.


Each class have their own movement ability. This allows them to cover more distances, reach higher ground, or just simply become more mobile. the Hunters movement ability is Double Jump. There are three modifiers which can only be activated one at a time.

Better Control
Players will have better control mid-air after double jumping.
Triple Jump
Players can do an additional jump in addition to the double jump. The height you can reach using this modifier is just the same as a double jump with Higher Jump modifier on.
Higher Jump
Increases the height gain from double jumping. The height reached is same as the Triple Jump.

Super Ability

The Gunslinger's ability is called the Golden Gun. When activated, the Gunslinger pulls out a flaming Hand Cannon with three bullets. These bullets can deal devastating damage to any target, instantly vaporizing any target who gets killed with one shot. This super ability is quite useful against bosses and hardened targets in PvE while it allows Gunslingers to instantly take out any player in PvP.

Golden Gun's timer is exactly four minutes and 30 seconds though the cooldown will be significantly cut down by collecting orbs of light dropped by allies after using their super abilities. The attribute Intellect also improves the cooldown of super abilities. Like the grenades and movement skills, there are three bonus modifiers that can improve the Golden Gun's effects but only one can be activated at a time.

Drastically increases the accuracy of the Golden Gun.
Enemies killed by Golden Gun will explode
Reduces the cool down time of the Golden Gun to four minutes

Melee Abilities

Melee abilities are similar to grenades and super abilities. They also need to cooldown after 55 seconds before you can use them again. The attribute Strength improves the cooldown of your melee abilities. There are three melee ability modifiers but you can only activate one at a time.

The Gunslinger's melee ability is called the Throwing Knife. As the name implies, the player can throw a knife that can deal high damage to the target. It seems to be able to land precision hits as well with minimal effort from the player.

Circle of Life
Killing an enemy with the Throwing Knife while the Golden Gun is active will extend Golden Gun's duration
Incendiary Blade
Enemies hit by Throwing Knife will catch fire and continue to suffer damage until the effect wears off
Knife Juggler
Enemies killed by precision kills will immediately reset the cooldown timer.

Attribute Modifier 1

These modifiers directly affect the armor, agility, and recovery stats. There are two tiers, and each tier has three modifiers each. Like the other modifier groups, you can only activate one Attribute modifier per tier at a time.
Path Forgotten
+2 Armor and +2 Agility
Path Forbidden
+2 Recovery and +2 Agility
Path Unknown
Grants players +2 Armor and +2 Recovery

Attribute Modifier 2

Similar above, you can only select one bonus modifier at a time.

Way of the Drifter
+2 Armor, +1 Recovery and +2 Agility
Way of the Fearless
+5 Armor
Way of the Nomad
+4 Recovery and +1 Agility

Ability Modifier 1

There are two tiers of ability modifiers which can further enhance the effects or improve your abilities. There are three modifier each tier, and only one modifier can be activated at any given time.

Picking up ammunition reduces the cool down time for Grenade and Throwing knife.
The Golden Gun can now penetrate targets, making it possible to hit multiple targets in a straight line.
Gunslinger's Trance
Precision kills increase weapon stability. Stackable up to three times.

Ability Modifier 2

Chain of Woe
Precision kills increase weapon reload speed. Stackable up to three times
Over the Horizon
Golden Gun range is further increased
Gambler's Dagger
You'll have an extra Throwing Knife

Reference: Primagames

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