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Earth (DG)

You can't collect all Dead Ghosts immediately since some of them are guarded by higher level enemies. The Dead Ghosts listed in this page are not listed in any order.

#1. The Breach
Search for a blue light beside the stairs in the middle of the room. This is a Dead Ghost, which you can revive and it will be added to your Grimoire. There are more of these scattered around different locations.

#2. The Divide
This dead ghost is located on top of the red overhead sign with stripes, past the two tanks. To reach it, you have to access the rooftop first. Alas, getting to the rooftop requires perfect timing of sprinting leaps. Head to the open lot and find a rectangular concrete barrier near the trailer truck. Do a sprint-jump to reach the small room in front of it. If you're having problems, try tilting your crosshair up and jump at the edge of the concrete barrier. You can just come back for this later once you have unlocked your class's boosted jump skill.

Once you reached the roof of that room, jump over the roof of the garage nearby. From there, step on the air conditioner unit and prepare to jump on the metal bar under the satellite disc. Remember to step running once you get a foothold on that bar. Do a normal jump to reach the roof and you should find the glowing blue light of the Ghost.

Dead Ghost Location (The Divide, Cosmodrome)

#3. The Divide
From the location of the second ghost, find a large, metal pipe under a broken overpass. You'll find the ghost inside it.

#4. The Steppes
From the ship wreckage, enter the small room on top of a small hill. Look for the Dead Ghost on the floor, beside the wall.

#5. Between The Steppes and The Mothyards
In the ditch between The Steppes and The Mothyards. It's on the grassy ground near the closed pipe.
Dead Ghost location - The Steppes/The Mothyards

#6. The Mothyards
From the Sparrow Link shed, go straight ahead and over the wings of the fallen cargo plane. After that, you should immediately see another cargo plane ahead and it's broken wing that leads to a cave. Use the wing as a ramp to reach the cave. Clear it out of enemies and you'll find the ghost inside.
Dead Ghost Location (The Mothyards, Cosmodrome)

#7. Lunar Complex
Inside the pitch-black room in the Lunar Complex. It's on the top of a machine by the wall, near the stairs to the upper level.
Dead Ghost location - Lunar Complex

#8. Skywatch
Once you reached the Skywatch from the Lunar Complex, look for the helipad where there are a couple of grounded helicopters. Look for a narrow path leading to a room underneath it. Be warned since there's a high level enemy here, either a Hallowed Knight or Hallowed Ogre. The Dead Ghost is found on a shelf behind that enemy.
Dead Ghost location - Skywatch

09: Forgotten Shore (Cave)
In the same cave where you'll find the Golden Chest along the path leading to the Forgotten Shore. Look for a hole on the wall and peek inside it to find the Dead Ghost.
Dead Ghost location - Forgotten Shore

10: Forgotten Shore (Ship)
Between the shipwreck with the first amplifier and the ruins with the second amplifier lies a small boat, facing the cliff. Peek through the hatch and you should see the faint blue glow of the Dead Ghost there.

11:Terrestial Complex
After entering the building using the uphill road from the Forgotten Shore, you'll find a set of lockers to the right. The Dead Ghost is located in one of the open lockers there.

12: The Breach
(Double Jump/ Lift/ Glide required) From The Steppes, make your way back to Dock 13, cross The Divide, and enter The Breach. Backtrack all the way back to the corridor where you have to deal with several enemies during the first story mission. Look up to your left and you should see the faint glow of the Dead Ghost above. This is easily reachable by using your class's jump skill.
Dead Ghost location - The Breach

13: Rocketyard
In the Rocketyard, the area accessible through The Divide. You can reach it if you follow the path past the broken overpass. Upon reaching it, go straight ahead past the trailer and use your class' jump skill to reach the roof. You should find the Dead Ghost on top of a machine there.
Dead Ghost location - The Rocketyard

14: Refinery
From the Rocketyard, go deeper inside until you reach the Refinery. The enemies here are LV8 so you should try checking this location out when you're around or above that level. Keep heading inside and keep hugging the walls to the right until you reach a large area where there's a firefight between the Hive and Fallen. Ignore them and look for a room to the right. There should be a faint blue glow of the Dead Ghost there, sitting on a shelf.
Dead Ghost location - Refinery

15: The Blast
From the location of the previous Dead Ghost, continue deeper into the Refinery until you reach the exit, leading to the next area called The Blast. The room you want to check is located is located right beside the Devil Walker, the Fallen's heavy tank. It will be challenging (but possible) to defeat it when you're about the same level as the general enemies here but it will be easier to have a Fireteam to help you just in case.
Dead Ghost location - The Blast

High Level enemies: (At Least LV20)
Soon to follow:

16: Bunker RAS-2
(After some searching some forums and checking some videos, it seems that this a glitchy dead ghost location. Nothing's showing on my game file)
The Bunker is located under the factory ruins on the cliff in the Forgotten Shore. Take note that the enemies inside are 18-20 and it will suicide to go there at lower levels. (Unless you sneak it and quickly get awaken the dead ghost). It is located under the last set of stairs.

17: The Grottos
From the Forgotten Shore, follow the trail past the factory/Bunker Ras-2 location until you find a path uphill. There's an offroad path to the left. Follow it and you'll find a blocked tunnel. In the corner lies the last Dead Ghost.
Dead Ghost location - The Grottos

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