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Toland's Legacy

Weapon Reward: Bad Juju

  1. Complete a weekly Heroic or Nightfall Strike to obtain Toland's Journal [Fragmented]. You can also obtain this item by completing a strike in the Tiger Strike Playlist.)

  2. Talk to Ikora Rey and hand over the journal Toland's Journal [Fragmented].

  3. Complete 25 additional Strike missions to obtain Toland's Journal [Encrypted].

  4. Talk to Ikora Rey and hand over the journal to get Toland's Journal [Decrypted].

  5. Go to the Gunsmith and give him the journal to obtain a Black Market Coupon.

  6. Exchange the coupon to Xûr to get a Darkness-infused weapon frame.
    * Xur only appears during weekends and his location in the tower changes every week.

  7. Bring the weapon frame to the Gunsmith and spend one Strange Coin to obtain a Darkness-infused Pulse Rifle

  8. Obtain 10,000 points in the Crucible to get a Sated Pulse Rifle .
    *Titan kill or assist = 75 points
    *Hunter kill or assist = 75 points
    *Warlock kill or assist = 150 points
    *This is probably the longest part of the bounty. Make sure to do other crucible bounties to make the most out of this grind.

  9. Return the weapon to the Gunsmith and exchange the quest item to get the Bad Juju

Source: Destinypedia

Comments for Toland's Legacy

5 comments, latest first.
Hunter and titan kill is worth 25 and warlock kill/assist is worth 75
Guest | Added 13th Dec 2014, ID #21
Guest | Added 28th Dec 2014, ID #24
Guest | Added 2nd Feb 2015, ID #30
they fixed the first part of this bounty so you can only obtain it by completing the weekly strike. attempting to complete by vanguard tiger strike playlist no longer works.

Guest | Added 6th Feb 2015, ID #31
Thanks for the info I'm lv 32 I have two of them I just for got
Guest | Added 28th Mar 2015, ID #36
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