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Venus (DG)

1. Headlands

You'll usually start in the same location in the Headlands, regardless if it's during a Patrol deployment or story mission. From the starting point, follow the road to the left then look for the Dead Ghost in the middle of some rocks in the second pond.
Dead Ghost: Headlands, Venus

2. Shattered Coast

Go to the Guardian Outpost near the seaside and look for the Dead Ghost inside the wrecked compact car near the rocks.
Dead Ghost: Shattered Coast, Venus

3. Ishtar Academy

Head to the Ishtar Academy area and defeat all enemies. If you have lift, you just need to reach the second floor and make your way to the third floor. For double-jump or glide, you have to jump on top of the statue to reach the third floor of the library. You'll find the Dead Ghost on the shelf to the right side of the angel.
Destiny Guide Video

4. Ishtar Commons

After getting the ghost in the Academy, head deeper to reach the Commons area. Jump on top of the roofing of the building ahead and follow it while looking on your left side. You should find the Dead Ghost nested on the wall in front of the downed Fallen ship.
Dead Ghost: Ishtar Commons, Venus (1)

5. Ishtar Commons

After getting the fourth Dead Ghost, go past the downed ship and go around the hallway of the building beside it. Go inside the open elevator car there to find the dead ghost beside a skeleton.
Dead Ghost: Ishtar Commons, Venus (2)

6. N/Gen Branch

Head to the highest floor of the main building. Look for a terminal before a doorway. The dead ghost is located there.
Dead Ghost: N/Gen Branch, Venus

7. Hall of Whispers

This ghost is located on a tree branch above the area's entrance. To reach it, go upstairs and follow it around. Use the concrete block in the balcony as a foothold, then jump on the branch to get the ghost.
Dead Ghost: Hall of Whispers, Venus

8. Ishtar Cliffs

From the Shattered Coast, follow the path until you find the first ruins in the middle of the path. Kill all enemies then look for a faint glow above the rock wall across the ruins.
Dead Ghost: Ishtar Cliffs, Venus

9: Waking Ruin

The dead ghost is located on top of the stone block beside a non-functioning gate in the middle, right in front of the Vault of Glass entrance. There's a high-level Praetorian guarding the entrance so just run away from it and head towards the destroyed gate. Jump over the ruins to get to the dead ghost.
Dead Ghost: Waking Ruin, Venus

10: Campus 9

This is very tricky to reach. Head to the small building near the edge of the cliff, past the stream, climb on the roof then up to the hill. The dead ghost is located in the stone ledge across. You can reach it using Glide or Lift. For double-jump users, you can reach it by walking to the right to find a spot beside the stone blocks that you can hop on. Keep hopping on the massive stone blocks until you see the ledge in view.
Dead Ghost: Campus 9, Venus

11. Endless Steps

Upon reaching the area, make your way to the structure near the pool of water with a vertical light. Climb the rocky cliff beside it, until you can jump to the ledge on the left side of the structure. You'll find the dead ghost sitting there.
Dead Ghost: Endless Steps, Venus

12: Ember Caves

Before going uphill leading to the cavern, find a small cave to the right, near the hot springs. You'll find the ghost inside.
Dead Ghost, Ember Caves, Venus

13: Winter's Lair

Continue inside until you encounter a large cavern with Fallen structures and troops. There's a cave to the left which is barely visible. From the tunnel where you came from, run to the left and follow the uphill path to the darkness. You'll find a cavern where this Dead Ghost is located.
Gold Chest: Shattered Coast, Venus

Dig Site 4

Accessible from N/Gen Branch but during a Strike Mission only. You can enter hallway connecting N/Gen Branch to Dig Site 4 using a Titan's Lift ability from the stairs before reaching the top room's door.

Continue along the hallways until you reach Dig Site 4. Once you've reached the room with a large capsule, go past it and enter the room past the stairs. You'll find the Dead Ghost on the sink.
Dead Ghost Location: Dig Site 4, Venus

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