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05: The Last Array

Old Russia, Earth
Objective: Track down codes to raise an Ancient Array and connect it to long-lost colonies throughout the solar system
Level 5
Fireteam: 1-3 players
Rewards: 1800 XP

The Mothyards

This will be your starting area for this mission. You can explore if you want but to continue to the mission, you have to head to the Lunar Complex building. Use your vehicle to get there faster. Clear out a couple of Vandals and their captain by the Lunar Complex entrance then continue inside.

Lunar Complex

Continue back to the pitch black room. There are no enemies here anymore so proceed to the area where you fought the Wizard before. You'll find a group of Hive and Fallen units engaged in a firefight. Kill them all and kill the Fallen captain inside the room. If you haven't acquired the Golden Chest here yet, you may get it easily now since you should have your Double Jump/Lift/Glide skill. Once done, leave the Lunar Complex through the corridors until you reach the next area.


There are more Fallen and Hive units fighting each other here so you can pick them off while they kill each other. You have to keep killing Fallen units and pick up the dead ghosts (different from the collectible ones) they drop. Once you find a working ghost, your objective will be updated and you'll have to the next where the marker is point. Kill all enemies if you want then head inside. You'll finally reach the next area.

Terrestial Complex (Darkness Zone

Fight your way through the corridors and leave the building. Once outside, you'll find a Fallen dropship dropping some Fallen units. Take them out and fight your way to the control station. When you're near the control station, beware of a couple of stealth vandals that will rush towards you. They can take you out especially if your shields are not fully up. Kill all enemies inside guarding the array control.

Once clear, head inside and deploy your Ghost. Head back to the entrance and watch the array unfold. You'll also find Hive Tombships appearing out of the sky, dropping more enemies. For the next few minutes, you have to defend the position against thralls, acolytes, and Knights. Stay inside and remember to use your jump skill to get out of the thralls' claws.

The last wave of enemies will drop off heavily armored and armed Hallowed Knights. Explosives, heavy weapons, and headshots will deal extra damage to them. Keep fighting and survive the enemy onslaught to complete the mission.

Story Mission 05: The Last Array

Comments for 05: The Last Array

5 comments, latest first.
How can I do this by myself, I was up til 1 am trying I killed 300 enemies they just kept coming from the ship I was hiding in office shooting them all cause there too fast for just me only level 9
Guest | Added 16th Feb 2015, ID #33
I'm stuck on this board too. I'm running it alone. level 9. not fully versed with the joy-sticks.
Guest | Added 17th Jun 2015, ID #49
Try hiding just inside the roller door on the right. Step out into the open and then back under cover and they will all come to you. Use a high impact weapon (eg hand cannon) and also the punch if there are a few very close. Got through it first go
Guest | Added 23rd Sep 2015, ID #58
problem I'm having is, I didn't nail it first time, and although time and pri ammo drops are available - I can't do anything with my heavy weapon because nothing gets dropped - by the third wave I'm overrun...Aaaaargh!
Guest | Added 9th Oct 2015, ID #61
if you jump on some of the counters inside you will be safe from attack most of the time and can pick off enimies
Guest | Added 14th Aug 2016, ID #90
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