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04: Winter's Run

Winter's Lair

Make your way to the Winter's Lair and fight your way up hill to reach the caves. There's an elite Reaver Captain in the middle so make sure to deal with the other minions first before taking him out. Continue inside the cave and you'll find the Fallen fighting off a Vex invasion. There's also a hydra that will warp in the area. Kill the two hobgoblins located in the upper walkway right away since they can snipe you with their rifles. Take out the units on both sides and fight your way through to the next area.

The Cinders

There's another large Vex-Fallen battle taking place in the ridge below. If you have a sniper rifle equipped, you can whittle down the enemy numbers using devastating headshots from a distance. Otherwise, you have to move in and take out the enemies using your weapons' effective range. Wipe all Vex and Fallen forces in the area and wait for Ghost to update your objective.

Deploy your Ghost or wait for someone from your fireteam to interact with the hatch's console. While Ghost is working on the console, several Vex warp holes will open, unleashing a number of Vex troops. Move in and engage them. The first wave will include power Axis Minotaurs.

The second wave will appear in the ridge and from the mountain path. Be careful since the second batch contains Axis Hobgoblins, capable of dealing heavy damage from a distance. Finally, the last wave will inclue Harpies and a couple of Axis Hydras. Focus your fire on one of them at a time. The hatch will open after destroying them. Continue forth until you reach the next area.

Venus Strike Mission: Winter's Run (The Cinders)

Ash Coves

There are Pikes parked nearby. Ride one of them and follow the tracks. Defeat the enemies you'll encounter along the way, either on foot or using the Pike's weapons. The first group you'll encounter will consist of Minotaurs. The next enemy wave you'll face has a couple of Axis Hydras, with some enemies up the hill, providing covering fire. It will be a good idea to have someone from your team to deal with the minions first while the others keep the Hydras occupied. After defeating the enemies, continue uphill and go through the passage to reach the next area.

Winter's Run

You have to kill all the Fallen in the area. There's a handful of Vex units you'll encounter immediately so take them out first. Defeat the Reaver Captain in the center then move uphill to clear the other Fallen units there. Be careful of the sniper Vandals and the Captains. Clear out the nearby cavern as well.

After clearing the area, more Fallen reinforcements will arrive via dropship. Kill the remaining enemies then deploy Ghost on the console to release the Archon Priest.
[img=http://resource.destinywalkthrough.com/library/2014/1412145934st_winter11.jpg title=

Aksor, the Archon Priest fires spread projectiles that deals considerable damage per hit. Avoid engaging him up close since his weapon can rip you to shreds at close range. Another reason why you want to avoid the Priest up close is its powerful shockwave that can go through cover. Several Fallen reinforcements will appear as well. It will be a good idea for someone in your Fireteam to deal with the minions while two allies keep the Archon Priest busy.

Venus Strike Mission: Winter's Run

Later on, Stealth Vandals and the usual Shanks will join the fray. Watch out for these aggressive melee units since they can easily take you out if you're caught by their attacks with your shields down. You also need to look out for Sniper Vandals. They'll usually take the vantage point in the cavern's opening. High Servitors will also appear as reinforcements. Make sure to prioritize taking them out to prevent them from buffing their allies.

There's a lot of cover around the area where you can fall back and recover your shields. As the battle drags on, expect more aggressive enemies to swarm your party. Just keep moving, revive fallen allies whenever safe and necessary. In case you're the last guardian standing, make sure to prioritize your survival first. Your allies will still respawn, but they have to wait longer.

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