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07: The World's Grave

Ocean of Storms, Moon
Objective: Descend into the Hellmouth to a Hive library which holds the ancient secrets they have ripped off Earth.
Level 7
Fireteam: 1-3 players
Rewards: 2000 EXP, Cryptarch Engram, Cryptarch Reputation

Archer's Line

Ride your hovercraft and follow the marker. You'll reach a base guarded by Fallen troops. Take them out and enter the base ruins. Continue along the path until you reach the Fortress entrance. There is a Hallowed Knight guarding the entrance so take it out and continue inside. Go deeper inside until you reach the next area.

Hall of Wisdom

Proceed inside and engage the Hive troops. There are a lot of cover here that will help you flank enemy positions. Make use of them especially if you're fighting solo.

As you continue forth, more enemies will be dropped by a Hive Tombship. Be wary of the Shrieker, a floating purple hive unit in the far end of the hall. It fires multiple homing projectiles that can seriously injure you. Take cover and take out the thralls rushing towards you before engaging the other units. Move from cover to cover to avoid the Shrieker's bombardment. Get close and take it out. Keep distance once you destroy it since it will leave homing purple fragments that will explode on impact. Continue further inside to reach the next area.

Circle of Bones (Darkness Zone)

Move along and take out more enemies. After clearing the enemies outside the hall, the Knight will be marked on your HUD. Head over there and engage him and his minions. The enemies are somewhat praying to the chain in the middle so you have the small element of surprise. When fighting them, you don't have to confine yourself inside; keep moving and even head outside just in case you're in trouble. Once the Knight has been taken care of, the area will be free of the Darkness. Follow the marker, take out any enemies in sight and head to the next area.

The World's Grave (Darkness Zone)

Continue following the path until you reach a hall. It will be empty so take the narrow tunnel leading to another area. There are thralls that will ambush you in these tunnels so be prepared to repel them. Continue to the next hall where more enemies await. As usual, take cover and take out the thralls first. The Knight upstairs will be bombarding you with explosive projectiles so hide and let your shields recover if you're hit with splash damage. Clear this area and move to the next hall.

Upon reaching the last hall, there will a lot of enemies converged here. They won't be initially aware of your presence so you can use a heavy weapon to deal heavy, pre-emptive damage. Once cleared, deploy your ghost on the console. Now you have to prepare for the incoming enemy onslaught. Be careful of the Cursed Thralls that will emerge from the water. They're slower but they can poison you, severely limiting your movement while dealing damage to you.

Story Mission, The World's Grave

If you need to recharge your shields, you can hide behind the World's Grave. There's also a Gold Chest on the rocks by the pool of water. Continue clearing out the enemies to complete the mission.

Gold Chest
In the chamber where you'll find the World's Grave, it's stuck on the rocks by the pool. It's right below the platform where you came from. If you're standing in front of the World's Grave, it should be on your right.

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