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Mars (GC)

The Barrens

From your starting point in the Barrens, ride your vehicle straight to reach a small Cabal outpost. The chest is stacked over some crates inside the bunker.
Gold Chest: The Barrens, Mars

The Hollows

From the Barrens, follow the road to the left and enter the tunnel. Right before exiting the tunnel, get off your vehicle and look for a broken ceiling. Jump inside it to find the chest in the corner of the room.
Gold Chest: The Hollows, Mars

Tharsis Junction

Get past the trains and find a small room along the walls to the left. You should be able to find this room before you head further in the junction's tunnels. After entering the room, there's a narrow space behind some metal grates that you can get in and reach the golden chest inside.
Gold Chest: Tharsis Junction, Mars

Iron Line

Once cleared of enemies, go to the left of the massive gate and get on top of the blue pipe. Jump to the next ledge. The gold chest is located on the other ledge across. You can hop on the narrow ledge on top of the gate to reach the other ledge. The golden chest is located in the corner.
Gold Chest: Iron Line, Mars

Dust Palace

Once you've reached the Dust Palace, there's a large hall to the right of the corridor with several enemies inside. (The walls have the number “35”). Enter the small room near the doorway beside the main corridor and you'll find the chest behind a table.
Gold Chest: Dust Palace, Mars

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