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Crucible Tips

The Crucible is Destiny's competitive multiplayer game mode. Bungie made sure that Crucible is an even playing field; thus, level advantages are removed. This enables lower level players with sub-par equipment to compete against end-game players with legendary gear and weapons. The only difference is the special perks, upgrades, and effects available only to those end-game gears that doesn't necessarily boost the damage or defense.

Here are the five tips that you should consider before taking the challenge of the game's action-packed multiplayer mode.

Keep an eye to your motion sensor / radar
The motion sensor is located in the top left corner of your HUD. This strongly indicates enemy player movement and the direction they're coming from. Crouching or remaining stationary will basically make you harder to detect in other players' sensors. Knowing where your enemies may appear will prevent you from getting surprised and will give you heads up to ready your weapons and engage them. The sensor is also hidden when you're aiming down your sights or scope. This part of the HUD can be easily ignored but it's one of the most helpful functions of the display.

Learn the Maps
This is probably the most basic, yet most effective tip every player must learn. The multiplayer maps in Destiny are small yet full of strategic paths, vantage points, and ammo spawn locations. Whatever the game mode may be, knowing where to hide, take shortcuts, or flank enemy positions will play a great role in battle. Knowing the ins and outs of maps will allow players to anticipate possible paths the enemies will take, hence they'll be able to set a defensive position or ambush them.

Know where the heavy ammo spawns
When playing in Crucible matches, all players won't have any ammo for their heavy weapons. There are fixed intervals in the match when a couple of heavy ammo chests appear. They have fixed spawn points and knowing where they'll appear can give you an advantage by being able to use your powerful heavy weapons. Heavy weapons are restricted this way to avoid getting abused because of their sheer destructive power.

Buddy System
While it may be good to wander alone in order to flank enemies, moving along with a teammate or two will increase your chances of survival and killing targets. The most effective teams are the ones who move together and engage enemies. In the game's even playing ground, even two ordinary players can take down a skilled player. This tactic is very effective in objective-type modes like Salvage and Control, as well as the basic team death match setup.

Precision Shots still make the difference
It's possible to one-shot kill enemies if you land a head shot using powerful weapons. Furthermore, using lesser impact yet rapid-fire weapons can still have a similar effect by learning how to control your shots while aiming for the opponents' upper torso. Learning how to adjust your shots while strafing will also become invaluable when you're in head-on firefight. Headshots are still the tried-and-tested method of killing enemies faster.

Building your character
The game offers several customization options for all characters, with the ability to change sub-classes and perks on the fly. Your "build" will revolve around your entire style, preferred weapons, skills, and of course class. All class in the game are balanced. The thing that will probably set them apart from each other is how well-versed the players are with their character.

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