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02: Restoration

Old Russia, Earth
Objective: Return to Fallen Territory and hunt for parts to restore your ship's ability for interplanetary travel.
Level 2
Fireteam: 1-3 players
Rewards: 1800 XP

The Steppes

When you're in orbit, set your destination and select Earth. Choose the only available mission at this point. Other Guardians can join you in this mission though you can tackle it alone. Upon arriving, call your Ghost to view your objective. There are already Fallen in the area so you can clear them out to earn EXP.

The area is quite large so you can explore as much as you can. Use your hovercraft to cover long distances faster. Enemies replenish too via drop ships so you don't need to worry not getting a piece of the action especially if you have team mates. There are also some Spinmetal leaves here that you can collect.

Follow the marker and go up the hill to find a crashed ship. Clear the enemies there if there's any, then deploy your ghost to examine the wreckage. After that, your objective will lead you to the tunnels. Before leaving, turn around to the north to find another Dead Ghost.

Dead Ghost #1
From the ship wreckage, enter the small room on top of a small hill. Look for the Dead Ghost on the floor, beside the wall.

There are many tunnel entrances in this map. From the Dead Ghost's location, you can clear the enemies around the large building in the middle of the area then go downstairs from there. You may find some green loot chests in the area. These are random but helpful, nevertheless. What you want to look out for are Gold Loot chests. These chests can only be looted once and their contents never scale to your character's level so you'll find them useful as early as you can get them.

Explore the room until you find the information hub. As much as you want to explore, I suggest avoid going down the dark basement since it contains high level enemies that their level will appear “??” to you. Just get to the information hub and deploy your Ghost to update your objective. Exit back to the surface.

Once outside, summon your Ghost to reveal the waypoint. Head there and enter the destroyed building. Look out for the Gold Chest on the table along the way. It's in the open so it shouldn't be missable. Continue forth to reach Dock 13.

Gold Chest
It's found inside the corridors on your way to Dock 13 from The Steppes. It's sitting on the table to your left around the first corner and you're very unlikely to miss it.

Dock 13 (Darkness Zone)

This area is considered as Darkness Zone which means you can't respawn. If ever you die, you'll start at the beginning of the area. This is a boss area, where you'll have to fight the Devil Archon and his Vandals. This battle is pretty much manageable, as long as you don't face the enemies head on. Take some potshots at it while eliminating its minions. Use your grenades whenever you can, especially whenever the enemies are grouped together. After eliminating the boss, you'll obtain the Warp Drive and make sure to pick up the drops before the mission timer runs out. The mission will be complete afterward.

Mission 02: Restoration boss fight

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