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13: Ishtar Collective

Ishtar Sink, Venus
Level 11
Objective:Unravel the secrets of the Vex by reviving an ancient research station of the Ishtar Collective.[/strong]
Fireteam: 1-3 players
Rewards: 3000 XP, Armor Upgrade


Ride your Sparrow and follow the marker leading to the Shattered Coast.

Shattered Coast

After reaching the coast, you can fight through or go past the enemy patrols here. Head towards the building where you activated the Vex sensors earlier then turn left. You should reach a dirt road. Follow that road to reach the next area.

Ishtar Cliffs

Head to the marker and you'll encounter a considerable Vex force converging around the swamp. Shortly after, a Vex Cyclops will appear. You have to destroy it in order to collect its core. Be careful of its explosive energy projectiles as it can take out a good chunk of your shield meter. Like a Fallen Servitor, its weakness is its eye so concentrate your fire on it to destroy it. Don't hang out in the area too long as well since it can respawn quickly, along with the fresh set of reinforcements. Leave the area and proceed to the research station.

Waking Ruins

You don't have to do anything here at the moment. This is also the location of the Vault of Glass (end-game) raid mission. Ignore it for now and just drive past it to reach the entrance of the ruins itself. Follow the straightforward path through the ruins until you reach the research station.

Campus 9 (Darkness Zone)

The area is crawling with Fallen. It will be better to clear the area before heading to the next marker to make your job easier. There are a lot of cover and vantage points here so use that to your advantage. There's also a Fallen Captain near the objective point so you'll have take him out as well as his troops. Once done, deploy your Ghost on the terminal.

You have to fend off waves and waves of Vex troops while your ghost is retrieving the data. The last wave will include some Minotaurs so be careful not to get caught between them, especially when they go berserk once you blow off their heads. After killing all enemies, the mission will be complete.

Venus Story Mission: Ishtar Collective

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