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17: Exclusion Zone

Meridian Bay, Mars
Level 15
Objective:Survive the military power of the Cabal and find the Gate to the Black Garden.[/strong]
Fireteam: 1-3 players
Rewards: 4000 XP, Sparrow Upgrade

The Barrens

Follow the marker and head to the nearby Cabal bunker. There are no enemies in the immediate area yet so just head inside. Deploy Ghost in the marked terminal and wait for it to hack the system. Your little buddy will accidentally trigger a failsafe, which will prompt the sudden pour of enemy reinforcements.

The Cabal are heavily armored, slow, and powerful units. Like other races, their weak to headshots. Deal with their Phalanx troopers by shooting their hands to stagger them and leave themselves open. Short, accurate rifle bursts or well-placed hand cannon shots should be enough to kill their low-tier units instantly. After eliminating all enemies, you should be able to summon your Sparrow now. Ride your vehicle and follow the dirt road leading to the Scablands.


There's a constant battle here between the Vex and Cabal. You can join the firefight if you feel like it; otherwise, just dash past the base and follow the road.

Giant's Pass

You'll eventually reach a heavily defended part of the road. Disembark from your vehicle and engage the Cabal stationed there. Fight your way through until you reach a pedestal where you can deploy Ghost. After Ghost activates the device, a Cabal dropship will arrive and unleash more enemy units. Be careful of the dropship's guns as it can deal considerable damage as well.

Among the enemies that will be dropped is a Centurion called Bracus Tho'ourg. Keep moving and use the covers to outflank his minions and allow you to recharge your shields as necessary. His weapon fires slow projectiles so you can easily evade it and land your shots on him as well. Continue pummeling him with your shots to prevent him from regenerating his shields.

After defeating him, ride your vehicle and follow the road until you reach the next area.

Valley of the Kings

Go to the Cabal base there and fight your way to the survey post. The area's not that guarded so you'll encounter minimal resistance as you storm the base. Once inside the survey post overlooking the cliff, deploy Ghost on the device nearby to complete the mission.

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Once I have completed this mission, the next one, The Garden's Spire does not open up for me, but I have the next 2 missions after that. Why is this?
Guest | Added 17th Sep 2015, ID #57
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