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09: Chamber of Night

Ocean of Storms, Moon
Level 8
Objective: Scour the Hive Fortress for a chamber where the Speaker believes a dark ritual is silencing the Traveler
Fireteam: 1-3 players
Rewards: 2000 EXP, Armor Upgrade


Head to the first marker then deploy the Ghost over the cracks on the ground. Head to the second marker to do the same thing. The area has some Hive troops guarding it so get rid of them first before scanning. After the scan, hop on to your hovercraft and head back to the Anchor of Light.

Anchor of Light

To get to the Temple, you have to disemabark and continue on foot. Take out the enemies guarding the path then continue forth.

Temple of Crota

The first area of the temple is heavily guarded. You have to engage and defeat an Ogre as well as some Acolytes so you can proceed. The Ogre is slow and dangerous up close but as long as you keep landing headshots from a distance, it shouldn't be a problem. Once clear, find the stairs leading deeper in the Temple.

Thralls are patrolling the stairs so kill them before proceeding. From the stairs, you can go left and fight the enemies inside the connected room in the middle of the cavern or follow the stairs around. Either way, you still have to eliminate the enemies so take whatever path you think is best.

After clearing the room, continue downstairs until you reach another large chamber with a Hive Seeder. Shortly after killing an enemy here, three Knights will appear at the same time. They'll be charging towards you with their swords. A well-placed rocket should be enough to take them out or leave a severely wounded one; otherwise, you have to keep moving and shooting to avoid getting cut down. Continue following the straight-forward path until you reach the next area.

The World's Grave (Darkness Zone)

As soon as you reach the area, a Hive Tombship will appear and drop troops. Don't go rushing in; if you have a sniper rifle equipped, it's better to pick them off one by one safely from a distance. Once you cleared the first wave of enemies, don't proceed immediately yet. Like before, a group of three Knights will appear shortly. Quickly get rid of them from a distance as well.

Proceed a bit and you'll encounter another group of enemies waiting. There are Acolytes hiding behind the rocks and more on the platform ahead. Thralls will be charging towards you as well so be prepared to fall back a bit if necessary. Clear the enemies, go upstairs to the platform and downstairs to find a closed door.

The objective will update and you have to kill the Siphon Witches. You can engage them from the stairs and pick them off one by one using your rifle. After killing the Witches, you have to kill all Hive troops that will flood inside the room. Take note that you don't have to fight them while inside the room. You can always fall back to the stairs where you came from and the enemies will stop pursuit. Use that tactic as your emergency escape in case you badly need to recharge your shields.

After getting rid of the first wave of enemies consisting of Thralls, Acolytes, and a Knight, the second wave of enemies will have Thralls, Cursed Thralls, Acolytes, and sword-wielding Knights. Keep moving and jump over obstacles to avoid getting caught in the Knights' melee range.

Finally, the chamber's boss will appear alongside with the last wave of enemies. This Ogre is very dangerous as it shoots a continuous stream of energy. It will be a good idea to fall back to the stairs so you can safely chip off its life bar using long-ranged attacks. Kill the remaining enemies if there's any then deploy the ghost in the console near the crystal. Mission complete.

Watch the video of the sequence described above:
Chamber of Night Story Mission

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Doors close behind me from the Siphon Witches onward... Significantly harder with nowhere to retreat
Guest | Added 24th Aug 2015, ID #55
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