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The Fallen are one of the game's main antagonists. They are a race of four-armed, bipedal humanoids which has advanced knowledge with technology as seen in their weapons, armor, vehicles, and interplanetary travel. The Fallen are nomadic, with no permanent stronghold in the planet they occupy.


  • Shanks
    One of the most common Fallen units players will encounter. They attack in groups but can be destroyed easily.
    Weakness: Entire body. You can take these out without too much trouble

  • Dregs
    These are the Fallen peons and foot soldiers. They wield daggers and pistols and won't hesitate to attack from behind when given a chance. They attack in small groups, usually under the command of a Vandal or Captains. They can be easily distinguished by their smaller stature and having two arms instead of the usual four.
    Weakness: Head

  • Vandals
    Vandals are one of the more formidable units in the Fallen army. They are quite versatile, capable of taking the role of snipers using long-range rifles, act as frontline soldiers using homing rifles, or employing stealth to attack using blades.
    Weakness: Head

  • Captains
    These fierce, stronger Fallen units usually seen leading a group of Vandals and Dregs. They often carry heavy weapons and are shielded. They have a much larger build, and are adorned by a cape displaying the House they belong to. When facing captains, it is recommended to take out his minions first so you can concentrate your fire on him.
    Weakness: Head

  • Servitors
    These floating spheres can buff nearby Fallen units by covering them with shields that provide them additional protection against damage. They also attack using slow but powerful projectiles made up of Void energy.
    Weakness: Their eye-like part in the middle of their body.

  • Devil Walker
    A Devil Walker is a quad-legged tank equipped with several weapons. It is the most powerful unit in the Fallen arsenal that Guardians have to face. While it is possible to take on a Devil Walker alone, it is recommended for a fireteam to work together to bring it down. It's main turret can deal devastating damage, capable of taking out a fully-shielded Guardian at higher levels. Fortunately, the main turret need to lock on. The direction of the turret shell will be given away by the Walker's laser targeting, giving ample time for the target to move away.

    This is usually followed up by a volley of energy projectiles from its secondary gun. It has also a machine gun mounted in the lower front part which it will use if a target is within its firing range. If Guardians get close, the Devil Walker is capable of releasing bouncing mines, that can deal devastating damage to anyone caught in the explosion. The Walker is also capable of releasing Shanks from the side of its body. The Walker never fights alone; expect Fallen Captains, Vandals, and other units to reinforce it from time to time.

    Weakness: The initial weak spot of a Devil Walker is the armor plating on its legs. That's the only spot where players can deal more damage. Once enough damage is dealt, the armor plating will be destroyed, which will temporarily stun the Devil Walker. This is the moment where it will reveal its real weak point - the internal mechanism that's glowing. It will only expose this part for a few seconds so players must concentrate their fire on this spot to deal as much damage as possible. Repeat the process until the Walker is defeated.

  • Archons
    These are more powerful Fallen units and belong to the higher Fallen heirarchy. Their behavior and attack pattern is remarkably similar to Captains. The notable differences are their larger build, higher damage tolerance, higher HP, and their area-of-effect attack, similar to the Titan's Fist of Havoc sans the energy blast.

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