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Moon (DG)

1. Archer's Line

This is found on the side of the particle accelerator. From the starting point, head to the direction of the path leading to Hellmouth (to your immediate left after going up the hill) and hop on the first platform. The ghost is located overhead. You need to use the nearby container as foothold to increase the height of your jump.
Dead Ghost Location: Archer\'s Line, Moon

2. Archer's Line

Follow the particle accelerator then turn left uphill so you can see some orange-colored barricades. Go past them on foot and look across the chasm to find the dead ghost's faint glow on the rocky ledge.
Dead Ghost Location: Archer\'s Line, Moon

3. Anchor of Light

Upon reaching the circular building along the path in the Anchor of Light, head to the left and find a base station after the hill. Defeat the enemies in the second floor, then hop on the blue container beside a couple of solar panels near the edge of the cliff. From there, boost yourself to reach the higher ledge. You'll find the dead ghost there.
Dead Ghost Location: Anchor of Light, Moon

4. Hall of Wisdom

The Hall of Wisdom can be accessed by going past the particle accelerator in Archer's Line and entering the first base ruins to the left of the path, a short distance away. Take the path leading downhill to find a temple and make your way to the bottom. You have to go straight and kill enemies along the way if necessary.
Dead Ghost Location: Hall of Wisdom, Moon (Part 1)

The ghost is located in a narrow ledge, beside a chasm with a lone bridge in the middle that you can use to cross. Players with glide or lift can reach it without any danger. However, for characters who rely on double jump, they have to be extra careful. First, they have to step on the protruding bar first. Then from there, they have to time their jump so they'll reach the ledge where the dead ghost is located.
Dead Ghost Location: Hall of Wisdom, Moon (Part 2)

5. Circle of Bones

The Dead Ghost is located in a sealed area that will require precision jumps to reach it. The first one is the shortest and easiest, though there are a couple of Hallowed Knights guarding this location. You have to jump on the railing and carefully follow the line as it arcs up. You should see an enclosed corridor that you can reach by double jumping.
Dead Ghost Location: Circle of Bones, Moon (Part 1)

Dead Ghost Location: Circle of Bones, Moon (Part 2)

The longer and trickier route is found in the other end of that enclosed corridor. You have to fight through at least two Hive patrols and go to the left. Jump on the balcony (be careful not to fall down) then jump to the narrow ledge ahead. If done correctly, you should see the other side of the corridor to your right. The Dead ghost is located along the balcony.
Dead Ghost Location: Circle of Bones, Moon (Part 3)

6. Temple of Crota

Fight your way through the Hive forces until you reach the large chamber with the Hive Seeder. Look for a rocky pillar beside the Hive Seeder and hop on it. From there, boost-jump towards the leaning ledge that's part of the Hive Seeder. Upon reaching it, jump to the rocky ledge again across it, then up to the next two platforms. You should see the dead ghost in the last platform.
Dead Ghost Location: Temple of Crota, Moon (Part 1)

Dead Ghost Location: Temple of Crota, Moon (Part 2)

7. Hellmouth

Go to the abandoned base to the right and go inside the gray building there. You should find the Dead Ghost on the only console near the doorway.

8. The Gatehouse

Upon reaching the Gatehouse from Hellmouth, continue downstairs until you reach a cavern that's overlooking the abyssal hole. Turn to the left and look down over the edge of the cliff to find the Dead Ghost on the metal bar on the side of the cliff.
Dead Ghost Location: The Gatehouse, Moon

9: Hall of Wisdom, “Shrine of Oryx” Story mission

This ghost can only be acquired during this story mission. Continue through the mission until you reach the last area before reaching the Shrine. There's a tunnel here with a Knight and several thralls. Kill all enemies and awaken the dead ghost in the corner to the right before exiting the tunnel.
Dead Ghost Location: Hall of Wisdom, “Shrine of Oryx” Story

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