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Titan - Striker

Striker is the Titan's default subclass. It's geared towards offense and delivering damage up close. Titans enjoy the benefits of having high defense in expense of speed and agility. While Strikers can almost one-hit kill Hunters and Warlocks, these other classes will have problems taking down a Titan with his full shields up.


Each class have the ability to use three different grenades but only one can be carried at a time. Grenades have a cooldown of 55 seconds. The stat attribute Discipline reduces the cooldown timer of grenades, allowing you to use this ability more often.

A grenade that temporarily blinds and disorients anyone caught in the blast
This grenade periodically damage enemies within its range.
A sticky grenade that fire bolts of lightning at nearby enemies.


Each class have their own movement ability. This allows them to cover more distances, reach higher ground, or just simply become more mobile. The Titans' movement ability is Lift. There are three modifiers which can only be activated one at a time.

Increased Height
Allows Titans to reach higher elevation using Lift.
Increased Control
Players will have better control mid-air during lift
Enables Lift to have a burst of momentum.

Super Ability

The Striker's super ability is called Fist of Havoc. The striker smashes the ground, instantly vaporizing enemies with Arc Light. The cooldown for this super is just 4 minutes, a lot shorter compared to the other classes. The attribute Intellect also improves the cooldown of super abilities. Like the grenades and movement skills, there are three bonus modifiers that can improve the Fist of Havoc's effects but only one can be activated at a time.

After using Fist of Havoc, an energy field will be left behind, dealing enemies who enter the field.
Death from Above
After jumping, players can aim the Fist of Havoc on the enemies below.
The Fist of Havoc will generate a wave that travels along the ground


Titans can use Storm Fist, a devastating blow that can deal additional damage. The ability's cooldown after 55 seconds before you can use it again. The attribute Strength improves the cooldown of your melee abilities. There are three melee ability modifiers but you can only activate one at a time.

When using Overload, there's a chance that its timer will immediately reset, allowing players to use it again.
Storm First may have a chance to deal splash or area-of-effect damage around the target.
Killing enemies using Storm Fist will greatly reduce the cool down for Fist of Havoc.

Attribute Modifier 1

Strikers and Defenders have the same set of Attribute modifiers. These modifiers directly affect the armor, agility, and recovery stats. There are two tiers, and each tier has three modifiers each. Like the other modifier groups, you can only activate one Attribute modifier per tier at a time.
Titan Codex I
+2 Armor and +2 Recovery
Titan Codex II
+ 2 Armor and +2 Agility.
Titan Codex III
+2 Agility and +2 Recovery.

Attribute Modifier 2

Titan Codex IV
+2 Armor, +1 Agility and +2 Recovery.
Titan Codex V
+5 Recovery
Titan Codex VI
+1 Armor and +4 Agility.

Ability Modifier 1

There are two tiers of ability modifiers which can further enhance the effects or improve your abilities. There are three modifier each tier, and only one modifier can be activated at any given time.

Sprinting will increase the leap distance when using Fist of Havoc. This also increases Agility by 1.
Increases the duration of any of the three grenade types
Kill using Storm Fist will initiate health regeneration immediately.

Ability Modifier 2

Hardens the player when using Fist of Havoc, making him harder to kill. This also increases the armor by 1.
Shoulder Charge
When sprinting, players can use a melee attack to deliver heavy damage to the target.
A shield will deploy after Titans sprint for a short distance.

Reference: Primagames

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