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06: The Dark Beyond

Ocean of Storms, Moon
Objective: Follow the trail of a Guardian who went dark searching for a way into the Hive Fortress
Level 6
Fireteam: 1-3 players
Rewards: 2000, Special Weapon Upgrade

Archer's Line

This mission will take you to the Moon, where the Hive has dug in. Head to the lunar accelerator structure ahead. Head inside and find the console where you can deploy your ghost. After deploying it, the whole place will be powered up. This will attract the attention of the Fallen which will send units to come after you. Engage them and kill them all. There will be more enemies outside so take them out.

The last wave of enemy reinforcements will consist of another Captain and Servitors. Make sure to target their “eyes” to take them out. There's a Dreg riding a Pike hovercraft outside as well. Kill him and you can use the Pike. Unlike your hovercraft, Pikes are armed with infinite ammo. You can use it to head to the next location and kill enemies with ease at the same time. Head to the next location to trace the lost Guardian's possible destination.

Anchor of Light

Clear all enemies then investigate the colony base. Deploy the ghost on the console to learn the next location where you need to go. More enemies will engage you along the way. Take them all out and continue forth until you reach a path that can only be trekked on foot.

Temple of Crota (Darkness Zone)

Once you've reached the Temple entrance, you'll find the body of the lost Guardian in front of it. Deploy your ghost in attempt to revive him. After the cutscene, fall back and take position up the hill. A swarm of enemies will flow out of the opened gate. The area is now a Darkness Zone so take out the thralls first then pick off the acolytes. There's also a Knight, which is tougher than the rest so use heavy weapons and/or explosives against it.

Head inside the temple and take out more enemies. As you move in to the center, you'll find a wizard and his acolytes. Take out the acolytes so you can concentrate on the Wizard. Its attack patterns are the same as the wizard you faced before but the temple has ample cover to protect yourself from its attacks. Destroy its shields so you can deal damage to its health. Defeat it then examine the ghost on the pedestal to complete the mission.

Story Mission, The Dark Beyond

After completing the mission, head to the Speaker and deliver him the Dead Ghost you found on the moon. There's also a Dead Ghost (collectible) you can find on the pile of chests near the stairs. Talk to him to receive your reward.

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