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01: A Guardian Rises

Cosmodrome – Old Russia, Earth

Shortly after the Ghost joins you, you'll be in control. The Ghost can be brought out by pressing the Select button on your controller. You can view your mission objectives, view markers, and summon vehicles. For now you're weaponless and powerless. The Fallen has taken over the area and they'll converge your position shortly. Follow the path and sprint to the Cosmodrome entrance. Once inside, follow the Ghost and let it lead the way.

The Breach

Once you reach a very large, dark room, wait for some power to be restored. A group of Fallen will become briefly visible. The Ghost will open a nearby grate. Follow it and grab the Khovstov rifle. Continue along the path and expect a couple of Dregs to appear around the second corner. Take them down and pick up their ammo drops.

Continue forth until you see a wide room. Expect three more Dregs and a Vandal to appear here. Take them all out one by one and move on. After crossing the walkway, you should find a Loot Cache, containing some Glimmer (money) and a Special Weapon (Warlocks and Titans will get a Preacher shotgun while Hunters will get a Calcutta sniper rifle). Switch to your special weapon to reload it. Special weapons uses special ammo, which appear as green ammo boxes when dropped by enemies.

Continue around the next corner and you'll find some trip mines. Shoot them from a distance to remove them from the path, then move along the corridor. Expect more enemies to appear and trip mines to be deployed. Take them out and continue to another large room. More enemies will appear here so take them all out before you can continue.

Dead Ghost
Before moving on, search for a blue light beside the stairs in the middle of the room. This is a Dead Ghost, which you can revive and it will be added to your Grimoire. There are more of these scattered around different locations. (If you missed this, you can come back for it once you've unlocked the Patrol mission for this planet.

Leave the room and continue along the path. Go through the ventilation tunnel until you reach an open area.

The Divide

There is an open area and there are two Dead Ghosts you can find here. Before bothering getting them, you should kill all enemies first. Once done, refer to the videos below to get to the first Dead Ghost.

Dead Ghost #2
The first dead ghost in the area is found on top of the red overhead sign with stripes, past the two tanks. To reach it, you have to access the rooftop first. Alas, getting to the rooftop requires perfect timing of sprinting leaps. Head to the open lot and find a rectangular concrete barrier near the trailer truck. Do a sprint-jump to reach the small room in front of it. If you're having problems, try tilting your crosshair up and jump at the edge of the concrete barrier.

Dead Ghost Location (The Divide, Cosmodrome)

Once you reached the roof of that room, jump over the roof of the garage nearby. From there, step on the air conditioner unit and prepare to jump on the metal bar under the satellite disc. Remember to step running once you get a foothold on that bar. Do a normal jump to reach the roof and you should find the glowing blue light of the Ghost. You can just come back for this later once you have unlocked your class's boosted jump skill.

Dead Ghost
From the location of the second ghost, find a large, metal pipe under a broken overpass. You'll find the ghost inside it.

After reviving the two Ghosts, follow the marker to the north and kill more enemies. At this point, you should have leveled up already. Open your character menu and open the upgrade window. Buy the grenade to unlock the skill. Every class has their own unique grenade. Close the window and use the grenade in the group of enemies in the next room.

Clear the room and the following reinforcements. Head to the next area where a shielded mini-boss is waiting. Take out his minions and don't rush towards him carelessly. He can do short-range teleportation and regenerate his shield so you need to shower him with a continuous stream of bullets. Pick his minions one by one then concentrate your fire until he is defeated.

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