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Moon (GC)

1. Archer's Line

From the starting point, follow the trail to the left which leads to Hellmouth. You'll find an “island” of rocks along the way. The gold chest is found in the middle.
Gold Chest Location: Archer\'s Line, Moon

2. Hall of Wisdom

The Hall of Wisdom can be accessed by going past the particle accelerator in Archer's Line and entering the first base ruins to the left of the path, a short distance away. Take the path leading downhill to find a temple and make your way to the bottom.

Once you've reached the pond in the bottom floor, find an opening that leads to a small cavern. You'll find the golden chest inside.
Gold Chest Location: Hall of Wisdom, Moon

3. Temple of Crota

Head inside the temple until you reach the large chamber with a hanging gondola above an abyssal hole. Kill all enemies so you can safely concentrate on getting to the golden chest. Look down the hole to find a few platforms. Drop to the nearest one below, then jump to the next. The golden chest should be on the next platform.
Gold Chest Location: Temple of Crota

4. The World's Grave

You can find this in the last area of the story mission, The World's Grave. It's stuck on the rocks by the pool. It's right below the platform where you came from. If you're standing in front of the World's Grave, it should be in front of you, to your right.
Gold Chest Location: The World\'s Grave, Moon

5. Summoning Pits

This chest can only be acquired during the strike mission on the moon, Summong Pits. Once you've reached the boss area, run across the field to the other side to find a lowered platform. You'll find the chest near the stairs and the edge of that platform.
Gold Chest Location: Summoning Pits, Moon

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