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03: The Nexus

Ishtar Commons

You'll start off in this area. You don't need to join the ongoing battle between the Fallen and Vex so you just need to run straight ahead and follow the walls to reach the entrance leading to the next area.

N/Gen Branch (Darkness Zone)

You have to destroy three High Servitors in the area. Search the area for the Servitors, while killing waves and waves of common Fallen troops that will engage you. After successfully destroying the Servitors, head to the top room and clear it of Fallen units. The door leading to the next area should be open now so go inside and continue forth.

Dig Site 4

There's a dead ghost in the area that you can only get during this mission. (The door leading to this area is locked during normal patrol missions. If you have the Titan's Lift ability, you can enter the open window right after that door, allowing you to explore this area outside of this strike mission)

From the passage connecting N/Gen Branch to Dig Site 4, continue along the hallways until you reach Dig Site 4. Once you've reached the room with a large capsule, go past it and enter the room past the stairs. You'll find the Dead Ghost on the sink.
Dead Ghost Location: Dig Site 4, Venus

After awakening the dead ghost, go downstairs and clear off the Harpies there then head outside. More Goblins are waiting there so wipe them out and proceed to the actual dig site. More Vex units are waiting here, including a couple of Minotaurs. Be careful of the hobgoblins in the other side of the dig site; they can take potshots at you using their railguns. You can engage the other enemies while firing from cover or you can take the hobgoblins out first so you can concentrate on fighting off the nearby enemies.

Once the area's clear, go inside the ruins and fight off more goblins. Continue deeper inside the dig site to reach the next area.

The Nexus (Darkness Zone)

Follow the straightforward pat and you'll encounter a horde of Goblins. A well-placed grenade in the middle should be enough to destroy several of them, then finish them off with your guns. Continue forth until you reach the actual Nexus. It's a long drop down so make sure to use your jump skill before you land to break your fall and avoid damage. Prepare to fight the boss that will appear from the portal.

After landing, keep the Minotaurs that will warp in your immediate area. After wiping them out, the Nexus will open and Sekrion will appear shortly. It is basically a giant Hydra with a rotating shield. This shield is capable of stopping any kind of projectile so you have to fire at Sekrion's exposed sides only.

Sekrion's energy blasts are devastating and has splash damage from the point of impact. That said, don't rely on a small piece of cover only. Hide behind wider blocks to block off the possible splash damage that the blasts will inflict.

The boss will just circle around the Nexus while tracing your location and firing at you. You have to be careful of the Vex portals it opens. Always deal with the minions first; leaving them unattended can ruin your chances of survival, especially if you need a spot to rest and restore your shields.

If your defense is high enough, you should be able to withstand a few direct hits from the boss before needing to recover your shields. Just don't expose yourself too much, unless your shields are up and you're ready to fire your weapon.
Venus Strike Mission: The Nexus

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