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The Vex is the race of sentient machines that has the ability to use warp technology to deploy troops and to travel between planets. They are first encountered in Venus where curious ruins that pre-dated humanity by a million years are located. They have complete control of Mercury. They also have a massive fortress in Venus humans call "The Citadel". They are also found in an entirely cut off dimension called the Black Garden, which only portal is located in Mars. The Vex are relentless, unforgiving, and deadly. Their minds are linked and controlled by Vex Minds, higher type of Vex units with processing powers that can control entire armies.

Unlike other races, Vex units continue to function even when their heads are destroyed. Losing their heads causes them to berserk and seek out the attacker while firing its weapon mindlessly. Bipedal Vex units share a common weakness; they have their crystalline cores exposed in their bellies which can destroy them immediately once shot. Minotaurs in the other hand have these cores hidden under a thick, metal armor so players don't have a choice but to pummel it with heavy weapons, explosives, or skill.


  • Goblins
    These are the basic Vex foot soldiers. They have slow-firing energy weapons and almost has no protective armor. They attack in groups and can teleport in short distances. Goblins go berserk when their heads are destroyed but they can be instantly killed by destroying their crystal cores in their bellies.
    Weakness: Core located in the belly

  • Hobgoblins
    These are more powerful Vex foot soldiers, capable of wielding long-range beam rifles. When attacked, they'll instinctively deploy a fiery shield that can block off any attack and can damage any enemy near it. They can be easily set apart from Goblins by the shape of their head and their distinct tail.
    Weakness: Core located in the belly

  • Harpy
    These are small, aerial Vex units that possess weak firepower but also tend to attack in numbers.
    Weakness: Their "eye" in the middle of their bodies

  • Minotaurs
    These are large, heavily armored bipedal Vex units, capable of wielding heavy energy weapons and teleport as well. They often serve as the leaders of Vex detachments, often accompanied by at least a couple of Hobgoblins and several Goblins, and Hydras. Their cores are covered by armor plating so you can't expose this weakness to destroy a Minotaur instantly. Their heads can be destroyed easily but this is not the best way to stop them. A berserk Minotaur is a bigger threat. Concentrate your fire and take it out quickly.
    Weakness: None

  • Hydra
    These are slow but powerful, hovering units. They have a rotating shield around them, which is capable of blocking off any attacks. They fire consecutive rounds of explosive energy projectiles, that can also deal minor splash damage. Facing this enemy off without cover is not recommended.
    Weakness: "Eye" (If you want to deal extra damage to its weak point, make sure to attack when the rotating shield is not in front of it)

  • Cyclops
    These are stationary Vex emplacements that seem to have intelligence on its own. They are often guarded by several Goblins and Hobgoblins. Its attack is similar to the Hydra's but the size of the projectile and the damage it deals is even more greater. When heavily damaged, it will go berserk and blindly damage anything around it, including other Vex.
    Weakness: "Eye" (You have to attack it from behind cover to protect yourself from its devastating mortar fire and from the small arms fire coming from its guards. Keep your distance and avoid getting near it at all when it starts to go crazy after getting damaged.

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