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Weapon Stats and Attributes

High quality weapons have perks/ upgrades that can be unlocked after getting enough experience. The experience you earn for your character will count towards your equipment as well. These perks may require Glimmer, weapon parts, and materials (spinmetal, helium filaments, etc) while legendary weapons and above will require rare and legendary parts.

This is a weapon's most important stat. This determines how much damage your weapon can deal against a target.

Rate of Fire
This stat determines how fast the weapon can unload its clip. Higher rate of fire is best complemented by Stability and larger magazine. This attribute is usually high for automatic weapons.

This increases the damage inflicted by each round. This attribute also determines the weapon's stopping power and how easily they can stagger targets, should they survive the impact damage.

This attribute determines the weapon's effective range. Higher range will allow the weapon to deal normal damage without suffering damage or accuracy penalties.

This stat minimizes the recoil from each shot. Higher stability benefits automatic weapons like Auto Rifles or Machine Guns since it will maintain good accuracy while firing.

This attribute affects how fast the weapon can be reloaded. Compact weapons reload a lot quicker compared to heavier weapons.

This determines how many rounds a weapon can carry before needing to reload.

Blast Radius
(Rocket Launchers only) This stat affects the splash damage dealt by the rocket explosion. If the rocket hits the target directly, the target suffers additional splash damage in addition to the damage it suffered from the impact. Any nearby targets will just suffer the splash damage.

(Rocket Launchers only) This affects how fast the rocket travels from the launcher to the target. High velocity launchers can shoot rockets quickly enough that the targets won't have enough time to evade the projectile.

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