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Warlock - Voidwalker

The Voidwalker is the default Warlock subclass. This subclass is capable of dishing out heavy damage at a cost of defense, using the power of the Void. This inversely proportional balance between offense and defense earned the Voidwalker the monicker "Glass Cannon".


Each class have the ability to use three different grenades but only one can be carried at a time. Grenades have a cooldown of 55 seconds. The stat attribute Discipline reduces the cooldown timer of grenades, allowing you to use this ability more often.

Then grenade creates a vortex that damages all enemies within its range.
The grenade splits into several pieces which will cause small secondary explosions in a wider area.
A bolt of Void Light that splits off into smaller bolts that will seek enemies out.


Each class have their own movement ability. This allows them to cover more distances, reach higher ground, or just simply become more mobile. The Warlock's movement ability is Glide. There are three modifiers which can only be activated one at a time.
Focused Control
Allows players to have better directional control when using Glide.
Focused Burst
Provides initial speed boost to Glide.
This allows the player to teleport in a short distance. This replaces Glide.

Super Ability

The Voidwalker's super ability is called Nova Bomb. This ability enables the Voidwalker to hurl an explosive bolt of Void energy, eliminating anything caught in the blast.The attribute Intellect also improves the cooldown of super abilities. Like the grenades and movement skills, there are three bonus modifiers that can improve Nova Bomb's effects but only one can be activated at a time.

Generates a Vortex that will continuously damage enemies trapped within its radius
Splits the Nova Bomb into three projectiles, covering a much wider area for better crowd control
Increases the Nova Bomb's velocity, allowing it to travel faster and reach its target immediately.


Voidwalker can use Energy Drain, a powerful blow that drain energy out of the target and use it reduce the cooldown time of the Voidwalker's grenade. The ability's cooldown after 55 seconds before you can use it again. The attribute Strength improves the cooldown of your melee abilities. There are three melee ability modifiers but you can only activate one at a time.
Increases the warlock's movement speed after damaging enemies using Energy Drain.
Life Steal
Killing an enemy with Energy Drain will restore a large portion of your health
Soul Rip
Killing an enemy with Energy Drain will reduce the cooldown time of the Nova Bomb.

Attribute Modifier 1

These modifiers directly affect the armor, agility, and recovery stats. There are two tiers, and each tier has three modifiers each. Like the other modifier groups, you can only activate one Attribute modifier per tier at a time.

Arcane Wisdom
+2 Agility and +2 Recovery
Arcane Spirit
+2 Armor and +2 Agility
Arcane Force
+2 Armor and +2 Agility

Attribute Modifier 2

Ancestral Order
+2 Armor, +2 Agility and +2 Recovery
Chaos Order
Grants +5 Agility
Divine Order
+4 Armor and +2 Recovery

Ability Modifier 1

There are two tiers of ability modifiers which can further enhance the effects or improve your abilities. There are three modifier each tier, and only one modifier can be activated at any given time.
Increases the blast radius of Nova Bomb and grenades. Increases Agility by 1.
Angry Magic
Enables Nova Bomb to home in on targets. Increases Armor by 1.
The Hunger
Increases the duration of the Energy Drain effect.

Ability Modifier 2

Vortex Mastery
Increases the range of Axion Bolt seekers, and the duration Nova Bomb and Vortex Grenade's Vortex effect
Enemies killed with any of your abilities will explode.
Embrace the Void
Damaging enemies with Nova Bomb or any grenade triggers the Energy Drain effect

Reference: Primagames

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