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Mars (DG)

1: The Barrens

Head to the field where there's a constant battle between the Vex and the Cabal. Enter the dome building to the right to find the dead ghost on top of one of the crates there.
Dead Ghost: The Barrens, Mars

2: Scablands

Enter the gate of the firebase there and immediately turn left. Jump on the wall support near the rocks to find the dead ghost there.
Gold Chest: The Scablands, Mars

3: Firebase Rubicon

From the Scabland base entrance, go further inside by following the path. Once you've reached Firebase Rubicon, go to the second part of the base where more enemies are stationed then stay on your left, along the rock cliff. You'll find a barely visible path leading to a dead end with a dead tree. The dead ghost is on the ground to the left of that tree.
Dead Ghost: Firebase Rubicon, Mars

4: Iron Line

After getting the dead ghost in Firebase Rubicon, go through the tunnel to reach Rubicon Wastes. Ride your vehicle and rush through to wards the next tunnel which will lead you to Iron Line. The Dead Ghost's location is really hard to reach so you may need to get your class' extended jump boost skills (for example, Hunters can learn triple jump) The area's full of enemies too so it will help clearing them all out before attempting getting the dead ghost.

Once clear, go to the left of the massive gate and get on top of the blue pipe. Jump to the next ledge, then turn around and look for the metal pillar supporting the cave's ceiling. There's a small metal platform there. Jump towards it then turn to your left. You should see another metal platform near the ceiling. Hop on there and you'll find the dead ghost afterward.
Dead Ghost: Iron Line, Mars

5: Giant's Pass

Once you reached the Cabal outpost in the middle of the road, go uphill to the right, before the road turns east. There's a dead tree there and the dead ghost is stuck neatly between its roots.
Dead Ghost: Giant's Pass, Mars

6: Valley of the Kings

Go to the Cabal Survey Base make your way to the survey post up the hill, overlooking the Black Garden Gate. Get to the roof of the post and find a ledge in the rock wall where you can jump. You'll find the dead ghost there.
Dead Ghost: Valley of the Kings (1), Mars

7: Valley of the Kings

Follow the dirt tracks until you pass by the Cabal Survey Base and the Black Garden Gate. Before the road goes uphill, get off your vehicle and check the outcrop to the left. You should see the ghost near the edge.
Dead Ghost: Valley of the Kings (2), Mars

8: Trenchworks

You'll reach this area by proceeding along the dirt road past the Black Garden Gate and the Cabal Survey Base. Once you've reached another Cabal outpost in the middle of the road, climb the rocky ledges to the left and look for the dead ghost on the ground, near the edge.
Dead Ghost: Trenchworks, Mars

9: The Drift

To reach this area, you have to take the path to the left from Scablands. Along the way, you'll find two dead trees ahead, before the road turns towards the city ruins. The dead ghost is located on top of the larger tree.
Dead Ghost: The Drift, Mars

10: The Buried City

From the Drift, follow the road until you reach the Buried City. You'll find the subway station entrance to the left, guarded by several Vex. Find an object you can hop on and use that to boost your jump to reach the roof. The dead ghost is located behind the station's billboard.
Dead Ghost: The Buried City, Mars

11: Freehold Station

After getting the dead ghost on the rooftop of the station's entrance, fight your way inside until you reach a large, pitch-black room. Keep exploring inside until you find what seems to be the central hub of the room, where there are four separate orange-colored walls. Jump on top of those and look around to see the faint blue light of the dead ghost, sitting on top of an LCD monitor.
Dead Ghost: Freehold Station, Mars

12: Tharsis Junction

You'll reach this area deeper inside Freehold station. Get past the first set of parked train cars and head to the next part of the area (a winding tunnel with more train cars) Turn to the right immediately to find a mound of dirt piling up against the metal screen. The dead ghost is on the groun, near the wall.
Dead Ghost: Tharsis Junction, Mars

13: The Hollows

As soon as you enter the area, you'll find a blue domed building ahead. The dead ghost is located on the catwalk overhead. To reach it, you have to step on the lamp beside the stairs and use that as a foothold to boost your jump to reach the catwalk. You'll find the ghost in the middle.
Dead Ghost: The Hollows, Mars

14: Dust Palace

After entering the Hollows, continue heading down the building until you reach this area. Go straight ahead until you reach the large hall. The dead ghost is located on the ledge by the giant curved windows across the stairs ahead. To reach it, follow the stairs in the middle. As it turns to the left, you should see a box near the doorway. Get on top of it and use it reach the ledge nearby. Follow the ledge to reach the dead ghost.
Dead Ghost: Dust Palace, Mars

15: Overwatch
From Dust Palace, take the stairs leading to the upper floors until you reach this area. Fight your way through the second room. There's a short stairs to the left before reaching the last room. Head there but before going upstairs, look for the dead ghost under the table beside the stairs.
Dead Ghost Location: Overwatch, Mars

16: Garden's Spire Story Mission

This dead ghost can only be acquired during the Garden's Spire mission. Continue along the mission until you reach the last area, The Legion's Keep. Head to the Spire's location and enter the shed beside it. The Dead Ghost is located on the floor.
Dead Ghost (Garden's Spire Story Mission)

17: Black Garden Story Mission

As soon as you enter the Black Garden, turn to the left and climb up the rocks there until you can reach the elevated stone block nearby. Hop on it, then cross the gap to reach the dead ghost sitting on an ancient statue in the corner of the room. If you're having trouble seeing where to step, you can increase the game's brightness in the options.
Dead Ghost (Black Garden Story Mission)

18: Black Garden Story Mission

Continue along the story until you reach the exit. There is a courtyard-like area where you need to pass by as soon as you turn around the corner. The Dead ghost is located in a small alcove near the edge of the cliff.
Dead Ghost (Black Garden Story Mission 2)

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