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The Hive is an ancient, undead-like species that battled humanity near the end of the Golden Age. They have taken refuge in the Moon, inside their massive burrowed fortress humans call the Hellmouth. The Moon has been severely damaged, as evidently seen by the cracks and fractures on the surface; a result of the tunnels and massive halls the Hive has created inside. Hive units are distinctly "organic", their armor and weapons devoid of artificial technological parts. Their weapons seem to be all energy-based as well. Higher level Hive units show capable group orientation in the presence of leaders, based on their hierarchy.


  • Thrall
    These are the basic Hive units. They don't seem to possess independent thinking since their reaction whenever they detect an enemy is to charge towards it. They don't have any weapons but their speed, sharp claws, and numbers are enough to keep Guardians wary in their presence.
    Weakness: Head

  • Cursed Thrall
    These are slower yet deadlier variant of the Thralls. These volatile thralls seek out targets and will explode within their immediate vicinity. This blast shouldn't be underestimated since it can take out multiple units, even its fellow Hive if they're caught within the blast. Fortunately, these guys are slow and they don't have other means of attacking except blowing themselves up.
    Weakness: Head (make sure you're at a safe distance before blowing their heads)

  • Acolyte
    Acolytes are the normal, organized troops of the Hive. You'll encounter them the most since they seem to make up the main bulk of the Hive army. They can wield weapons from basic energy rifles to explosive ones, similar to what Knights use.
    Weakness: Head

  • Knights
    These are the bulkier and stronger units that serve as some sort of leader in a group of Acolytes, similar to the rank of the Fallen's captains. However, you can find groups of Knights without any lesser minions accompanying them. Knights are usually equipped with explosive energy weapons that's similar to grenade launchers but you have to be careful of sword-wielding Knights. Because of their impressive defense, these Knights will charge towards you to deliver a very damaging sword attack. It's best to stop them on their tracks using headshots or eliminate them quickly using heavy weapons. Knights can also deploy impenetrable shields
    Weakness: Head (Though you won't probably be able to kill a Knight in one shot, landing headshots will be enough to stagger them)

  • Wizards
    These are one of the few floating units in the game. Wizards can fire homing projectiles and are quite mobile. They don't appear alone; they're usually accompanied by Acolytes and Thralls. Because of their agility, they can be quite a problem since they can go around your cover and fire homing projectiles at you. This can be annoying, especially if you're trying to regenerate your shield badly and there are incoming thralls and sword-knights at you. Wizards are usually shielded so players need to keep landing shots at it to prevent its shield from regenerating.
    Weakness: Head (Like the other units, shooting the wizard's head will deal extra damage. It will be almost unlikely to take out a wizard in one blow, even from a sniper rifle's headshot.)

  • Ogres
    Ogres are slow, hulking mass of meat and muscle. Though it may seem to engage it easily from a distance, Hive Ogres can rapidly fire projectiles from its head which can easily break a Guardian's shield. Engaging it up close is also not recommended since its powerful melee strikes can easily take out even heavily-armored Titans. When its HP is reduced to 50% or below, it will slowly regenerate every few seconds.
    Weakness: Head (Unfortunately, the same part of its body that fires projectiles is also its weak point. The good thing is that an Ogre can't keep firing its energy blasts. Use the few seconds interval to fire at its head, then take cover again when it starts firing again. If you have allies, it will be faster to kill it since they can take off the aggro, allowing you to land free shots)

  • Shrieker
    Shriekers are airborne but stationary Hive units that fire multiple homing projectiles. Since they're not moving, it is quite easy to kill them from a distance. After destroying it, make sure to find some covers or get away from it since it leaves highly-volatile, tracking explosives upon destruction.

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