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10: Shrine of Oryx

Ocean of Storms, Moon
Level 8
Objective:Search the darkest corners of the Hellmouth for the fabled Shrine and destroy it[/strong]
Fireteam: 1-3 players
Rewards: 2000 EXP, Primary Weapon Upgrade


Proceed to the shrine entrance and take out the enemies. Go inside and kill the Knights. Go downstairs until you reach the next area.

The Gatehouse

Continue forth and you'll eventually find a firefight between some Fallen and Hive troops. Kill them all and continue inside. Head to the next chamber and take out all enemies. After clearing the area, go through the open gate and go deeper.

Once you reach the next chamber, more Fallen troops will appear. You'll also be required to kill the fallen Baron. Take out his minions first before engaging him. After killing the Baron, follow the marker through a very dark tunnel. Don't worry since there are no enemies here that will ambush you. Follow the path until you reach the next area.

Circle of Bones

Call your Ghost to see the mission marker. You don't need to clear the entire area of enemies, especially the ones being brought in by dropships. You just need to get rid of the ones blocking your path. Once done, follow the tunnel that leads to the next area.

Hall of Wisdom (Darkness Zone)

Join the firefight ahead between the Hive and Fallen troops. There are a lot of obstacles in the area that you can use for cover. After killing them, continue forth and you'll encounter more enemies. Take them all out as well then enter the only tunnel leading to the next area.

Shrine of Oryx

At the end of the tunnel, you have to fight your way through several Hive and a few Fallen troops again. After clearing the enemies in the immediate area, continue forth until another wave of enemies appear, including an Ogre. Take it out quickly before it pins you down with its energy projectiles. Once done, clear the remaining enemies in the area and head through the next tunnel.

A handful of thralls and a Knight will ambush you before you reach the end of the tunnel. Kill them and follow the tunnel to reach the Shrine. There are Acolytes worshiping around the shrine so engage them and kill them all. Once done, go the central pedestal underneath the shrine and deploy your Ghost to find its weakness. Head outside and look for a large gate nearby. A boss and its minions will make an appearance there shortly.

Aside from the minions that will appear alongside the boss, beware of the other Hive troops that will appear from another location. One good (but cheap) strategy when doing this mission alone is falling back to the tunnel where you came from earlier and take out the minions there. The thralls won't follow you and you'll have a good vantage point to snipe the Acolytes hiding behind cover. Once you've taken them out, engage the boss by moving from cover to cover and aiming on its head.

Moon: Shrine of Oryx

After taking out the boss, the Shrine will be weakened now. Shoot it with any weapon until it gets destroyed. Mission complete.

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