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06: Dust Palace

The Hollows

Enter the building ahead and prepare to engage the first group of Cabal guards in the immediate area. Follow the marker and go deeper to reach the Dust Palace.

Dust Palace (Darkness Zone)

The usual straight hallway is closed for this mission. Enter the large room instead and deploy Ghost on the panel beside the marked door to breach it. While he's doing it, Cabal reinforcements will arrive. Engage them and wipe them all out.

After breaching the door, continue to the next hall then fight your way upstairs where there's a firefight going on between Vex and Cabal forces. Take out the troops for both sides then make your way to the next blocked door. Deploy Ghost there once more to breach it. More Cabal and Vex reinforcements will arrive while Ghost is occupied so keep clearing the area until your small buddy successfully opens the door.

Once the door is open, proceed upstairs until you reach the next area.


Head inside and you'll find some Vex and Cabal units exchanging gunfire again. Take them out one by one then push further inside. Once the area's clear, find the door protected by some kind of force-field. Deploy Ghost on the nearby panel so he can work on it.

Like before, you can't just wait it out peacefully. Vex and Cabal units will arrive as reinforcements so prepare to repel them both. The last group of Vex reinforcements will include an elite psion called Psion Operant. Kill it and the door leading further inside the building should now be open.

The Cortex

You have to clear the area of Cabal forces. There are Centurions, Phalanxes, and Legionaries but you should be able to take them on without too much hassle. Once all enemies are eliminated, head to the Cortex controls and deploy Ghost there to eject the Psion Flayers. Standby and get ready for a fight.

Dust Palace 1

There are three Psion Flayers you need to take out. Fortunately, they're not the aggressive ones that will force you to run around the area. In the contrary, they're like buffed up psions. They stay in cover, attack a bit, then hide again. While this won't pose that much of a threat to you, their constant supply of heavy Cabal units will force you to fall back and divert your attacks to them to give you the much needed breather.

The Flayers are also heavily shielded, which regenerates quickly if they don't get hit within a certain amount of time. Make sure to keep a controlled level of aggressiveness, especially when the Flayers take cover. Use grenades or explosive weapons to damage them and “reset” their shield-recharge counter.
Dust Palace 2

At least one of your team mates should handle the reinforcements while the other two concentrates on one Flayer at a time. The Cabal will just most likely converge in the landing pad and the surrounding area. In case you need to fall back, the area near the Cortex controls is safe since enemies don't usually go tere for some reason.

Keep fighting off the reinforcements and focus your fire on the Flayers whenever you have the chance. Keep doing this until the last Flayer falls. Mission complete.
Dust Palace 3

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