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Super Abilities

Super abilities are sub-class specific. These are considered a player's "super" which allows the player to unleash a powerful skill that may deal devastating damage to enemies, support the player's team mates, or gain tactical advantage over the field. These abilities need to recharge after use. The attribute Intellect also improves the cooldown of super abilities. This attribute can be improved by equipping armor pieces that boosts it.

Each class can also unlock and activate Super Ability modifiers. These modifiers give additional effects to their Supers, based on the player's overall playstyle.

Once recharging is complete, the player will see the phrase "Super Charged" appear in the middle of their screen. Players can recharge their Super Abilities by raking up kills, performing various in-game actions, or picking up Orbs of Light. These are dropped by other Guardians after using their own abilities.

Super Ability
Golden Gun
Gunslinger (Hunter)
Arc Blade
Bladedancer (Hunter)
Fist of Havoc
Striker (Titan)
Ward of Dawn
Defender (Titan)
Sunsinger (Warlock)
Nova Bomb
Voidwalker (Warlock)

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