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Hotfix has gone live last 10/14 and it a considerable number of fixes and changes have been applied. One of the main changes is fixing the "cheese" method where Vault raiders exploit to defeat the Templar boss easily.

Another notable change is nerfing or reducing the effectiveness of one of the game's best gun types, the Auto-rifles. Bungie also stated that they're working on a larger update to address under-performing Exotics and overall class balance. The exact updates are found below:

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The game's drop rate and how the way elusive Engrams are acquired and decrypted has been an ongoing concern for players. With Bungee's latest game update, it's expected to address some of the players' concerns. Check out the patch notes below.

Bungie advised that “You will need to log in again after returning to the title screen. You will not be kicked from activities.”

With this patch, we address some widely-discussed concerns with how Engrams are earned and claimed. Strikes have become more rewarding, and the rewards gained from them are more predictable. Also affected is the rotation of maps that appear in the Crucible.

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Destiny players all know one thing. The game's loot system is quite unstable. Unidentified equipment called Engrams are dropped by enemies and can be identified by talking to the Cryptarch in the Tower. However, there's no guarantee what rarity you'll get for decrypting an Engram. A blue "rare" engram can still become a green "uncommon" item.

Defeating bosses in challenging missions like Strike Missions don't automatically yield better gear. Gear rewards in competitive multiplayer matches seem to be randomly distributed. A lower ranked player can still get rare rewards by random luck and his/her top team mates won't get anything.

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Destiny's first Raid mission, called Vault of Glass has been launched on September 16th, Tuesday, at 9:00 AM GMT. This is an end-game mission where the minimum level requirement is 26. Bungie provided the following details in their official website:

“Beneath Venus, evil stirs.”

The Director is light on details for the Raid in Destiny. This is by design. The most elaborate mission ever created by Bungie is a mystery as much as it is a challenge – a puzzle and a gauntlet. The race to see who can be first to solve it - with their cunning and their skill - is about to begin.

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To start off our walkthrough and strategy guide to Destiny, we've added a few sections on characters and game modes.

You can check them out here:


As time goes by we'll be adding a complete walkthrough to the game.

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