Question from osiris59 | 29th Dec 2014
In going to Xur to buy the suros regime the requirements are: suros regime (1) , exotic shard (1) and glimmer (7789). Why am i being asked to have a gun to buy the same gun this is very annoying to have to wait week after week with the same results. I have what is needed but why do i need a gun to buy the same gun..

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Guest Answered:
What he's selling is not the gun, it's an upgrade to the gun. After the Destiny upgrade after the DLC came out all weapons and armor went through an upgrade... For exotics you have to purchase the upgrades from Xur. Sadly Xur hasn't had the Suros Regime for some time.
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Guest Answered:
Xur is not really selling the Suros Regime. The thing you are seeing is an upgrade for it that needs you to have the gun, an exotic shard, and some glimmer. All it really does it makes it really powerful. Say you had a pizza. Then you put extra cheese on it. Then you get a super pizza. But you need to buy the cheese. (I know I am horrid at metaphors :O)
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