Question from TheBigFatPanda | 11th Nov 2015
So I beat taken king with my hunter. I did dread patrol, collected 5 calcified fragments and did the quest to get my sword. However, me in my stupidity, dismantled it. I thought "Its only 280, not even powerful (at this time I didn't know about gear infusion) so why not just rid of it?" And i did just that. However after that i found out you can make it more powerful through infusion and i also found out you can use it to upgrade to an epic super powerful sword at 310. Needless to say i was upset. So i google how to recover a lost sword and to my surprise there is no easy way to do it. For some odd reason bungie decided "Hey guys! How about if a player gets rid of their sword, they have no way to get it back? Ha! Wouldn't that be hilarious?" And to that i say "why?". So then after more research i found out you can do it but you have to use another character and beat taken king all over again. (The question part of this post is coming soon). So i tried to see if there was any other way to get it again aside from starting from the beginning. There isn't. So i took a warlock (who has the solar subclass) that i had made a while ago, one that i'd already used the spark on to get him to level 25 and i used him. I skipped the main story line and dlc 1 and 2 and i just did the taken king missions. Once again, i killed oryx, i did the dread patrol and i collected 5 calcified fragments. Now when you do this, you return to Eris Morn and she gives you 2 quests, one thats irrelevant and one called "A Broken Will" which is the one you use to get the sword. The problem is, unlike with my hunter, this time when i returned to Eris i got the irrelevant mission but she didn't give me a broken will. So my question is why? Why is it that even though i beat the whole taken king story again, i don't get the broken will quest? My warlock is level 38 and as i said before he has the solar subclass. I did everything and for the past few days i've worked hard and dedicated all my spare time to getting this sword back. Why can't i get that quest. Thankyou for reading this long question by the way. I would like an answer ASAP. I'm getting anxious here.

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