Bungie nerfs the loot cave

27th Sep 2014 by Admin
Destiny players all know one thing. The game's loot system is quite unstable. Unidentified equipment called Engrams are dropped by enemies and can be identified by talking to the Cryptarch in the Tower. However, there's no guarantee what rarity you'll get for decrypting an Engram. A blue "rare" engram can still become a green "uncommon" item.

Defeating bosses in challenging missions like Strike Missions don't automatically yield better gear. Gear rewards in competitive multiplayer matches seem to be randomly distributed. A lower ranked player can still get rare rewards by random luck and his/her top team mates won't get anything.

This is why loot farming methods became immensely popular with players who wants access to better gears, even if it means shooting infinite enemy spawns coming out of a cave for hours. The Loot Cave is a small cave in the Skywatch area, like any other found in Earth which spawns infinite Hive enemies. Players will stand in a short distance from the cave and just shoot the Thralls and Acolytes coming out in groups.

Bungie nerfed the said cave recently, giving the statements below:

"The social experience of a cave farming run is amazing: the herding to get a team of Guardians all behind the line and firing in the right direction, the rush to grab the loot, the scramble when the panic wave starts, the beckoning glow from inside the cave," Bungie said in a developer note. "The speed at which the community organized around this activity was inspiring and humbling to us."

"But shooting at a black hole for hours on end isn't our dream for how Destiny is played. Our hope is that social engagement in public spaces is only one part of the Destiny experience."

Players have mixed reactions, particularly pointing out the game's somewhat obnoxious loot system. As of this writing, another Loot Cave has been discovered. As it gains popularity, Bungie will probably do the same. But that won't stop players from finding ways in getting their much coveted gears.

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You know there's a place in Venus that my friend showed me I believe if you go to patrol Venus and you'll come across the building that has a doorway on the side and you should directly from the doorway see under room across the room next to the staircase go to the door frame and get your character to be able to jump as high as they can just barely missing the wall the moment you and you'll see one of those eyeball looking things along with the whole bunch of fallen you
kill those guys run away from the building go back rinse and repeat why I will try to get the information as to where the building is but I'm sure so mean already know
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Spell check needed
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