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Titan - Defender

The Defender is the second subclass of Titans which is unlocked once the player reaches LV15. As the name implies, Defenders focus on further strengthening the Titan's already impressive defensive capabilities to the benefit of the user and his allies.


Each class have the ability to use three different grenades but only one can be carried at a time. Grenades have a cooldown of 55 seconds. The stat attribute Discipline reduces the cooldown timer of grenades, allowing you to use this ability more often.

A grenade that attaches itself to enemies before exploding twice.
Spike Grenade
This sticky grenade will attach to any surface before damaging surrounding enemies using a Void Light explosion
Suppressor Grenade
This grenade temporarily prevents enemies from using special abilities.


Each class have their own movement ability. This allows them to cover more distances, reach higher ground, or just simply become more mobile. The Titans' movement ability is Lift. There are three modifiers which can only be activated one at a time.

Increased Height
Allows Titans to reach higher elevation using Lift.
Increased Control
Players will have better control mid-air during lift
Enables Lift to have a burst of momentum.

Super Ability

Defenders can use Ward of Dawn where they deploy an impressive defensive barrier around them. The attribute Intellect also improves the cooldown of super abilities. Like the grenades and movement skills, there are three bonus modifiers that can improve the Ward of Dawn's effects but only one can be activated at a time.
Armor of Light
The Defender and his allies will have significant damage resistance while inside the Ward of Dawn.
Blessing of Light
Passing through the Ward of Dawn will bless players with a temporary shield.
Weapons of Light
Passing through the Ward of Dawn will bless players with a temporary increase in weapon damage


Defenders can use the melee skill Disintegrate. Killing an enemy with this powerful melee strike will deploy a Force Barrier that will soak up damage for 15 seconds or until the bonus shield is depleted.
War Machine
While Force Barrier is active, you'll be able to reload and switch weapons very fast.
The Force Barrier will recharge continuously.
Gift of Light
When Force Barrier is active, all melee kills will generate Orbs of Light. (Collecting these will reduce the cooldown of your Super)

Attribute Modifier 1

Strikers and Defenders have the same set of Passive modifiers. These modifiers directly affect the armor, agility, and recovery stats. There are two tiers, and each tier has three modifiers each. Like the other modifier groups, you can only activate one Attribute modifier per tier at a time.
Titan Codex I
+2 Armor and +2 Recovery
Titan Codex II
+ 2 Armor and +2 Agility.
Titan Codex III
+2 Agility and +2 Recovery.

Attribute Modifier 2

Titan Codex IV
+2 Armor, +1 Agility and +2 Recovery.
Titan Codex V
+5 Recovery
Titan Codex VI
+1 Armor and +4 Agility.

Ability Modifier 1

There are two tiers of ability modifiers which can further enhance the effects or improve your abilities. There are three modifier each tier, and only one modifier can be activated at any given time.

Increases the duration of Ward of Dawn. This also increases Armor by 2.
Increases the duration and power of the Force Barrier.
Gift of the Void
When the Ward of Dawn absorbs damage from the enemy and slowly weakens, it will create additional Orbs of Light.

Ability Modifier 2

Reduces the cooldown time of Ward of Dawn. This also increases the armor by 1.
Iron Harvest
Killing enemies using Heavy Weapons will have a chance to generate Orbs of Light.
This will improve the effects of Blessing of Light and Weapons of Light.

Reference: Primagames

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Defender is defiantly my favorite class in the game. The tanking role is so bloody fun to play! Defender 4 life!
Guest | Added 21st Oct 2015, ID #63
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